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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Winny 50 Review

Champion Product Or A Complete Waste Of Money ? – Lets Check It Out

We’re pretty confident you don’t need us to tell you how dropping fat and building lean muscle mass is a huge undertaking that requires enthusiasm, discipline and commitment.

But what you might want us to tell you is all about one of the latest and (according to its makers) greatest fitness supplements on the market….So that’s what we’re gonna do!

Produced by MegaGear products, Winny 50 describes itself as a ‘fat loss compound and muscle growth agent’ that works during cutting cycles to actively help the body to shed fat, acquire muscle and improve endurance levels so your body can work out even harder – and thus see better results.

The makers choice of name is an obvious attempt to liken it to the proven ( although potentially unsafe) anabolic steroid Winni..

It also promises to get to work quickly, leaving both beginners and more experienced lifters built up in no time. Let’s put it under the spotlight.

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Winny 50’s Formula

The formula is a proprietary blend totalling 300mg which is made up of undisclosed amounts of:

  • 1,3,7-trimethylpurine-2 6-dione
  • Maca
  • EGCG
  • 2-carbamimidoyl(methyl)amino acetic acid (CrM)


It also contains:

Magnesium Stearate, gelatin, Microcrystalline cellulose, Stearate acid

Directions For Using Winny 50

The recommended daily dose is three tablets, suitable for a 85kg male. Those under 65kg should take this down to 2 tablets.

There’s no further information on how, or at what point during the day, these should be taken, however.

User Feedback

There really isn’t much to go on here – only a handful of reviews on Amazon offer any real information.

Of these most are positive, although they don’t go much further than saying Winny 50 is a ‘great supplement’. There’s one mention of increased muscle mass.

We must say, this doesn’t make us feel particularly confident about the accuracy or legitimacy of the reviews.

  • It must be pointed out that Amazon does have a reputation for using professional reviewers who receive goods for free in return for their reviews….This fact does indeed raise the question as to just how valid this sort of feedback really is…


A handful of people, meanwhile, say this fat burner and muscle growth agent didn’t do anything for them, that it relies on a small amount of caffeine and little else to raise energy and that, as such, many claim it’s a complete waste of money….

Any Reported Side Effects?

There aren’t any reports of negative side effects yet from people who have tried this supplement – we’ll keep you posted if any emerge

Where To Buy Winny 50 In The UK

You have two choices here – you can buy Winny 50 directly from the manufacturer’s website,, or from Amazon. In terms of cost, expect to pay around £22.49 for a one-month supply.

Any Cashback Guarantee?

We’ve looked high and low and can’t find any mention of a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

Our Final Thoughts On Winny 50

The ingredient label could be considered confusing. The makers do appear to really try and baffle us all with science.

Why not just list the ingredients as caffeine and creatine instead of the full scientific names (1,3,7-trimethylpurine-2 6-dione and 2-carbamimidoyl (methyl) amino acetic acid (CrM) respectfully) we would all know and recognise them straight away..

Basically when you take into account whats actually in the rather small total of 300mg per serving, you will understand just as we did that this product is very weakly formulated.

There is nowhere enough of anything in the mix for it to have any truly noticeable effect.

You might get a slight, short lived hit of an energy boost from the caffeine in the mix. But you would get the same effect from a small cup of coffee before hitting the gym.

Also you would be better served taking a separate creatine shake than the tiny amount thats obviously included in this product..

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