Will Boosting Testosterone Reduce My Body Fat

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Will Boosting Testosterone Reduce My Body Fat

Men want to boost their testosterone for many reasons… the most common reasons are to help pack on lean muscle mass, boost strength, and for some, improve performance, both in the gym and the bedroom.

But did you know that increased testosterone can help cut your body fat, especially that hard to shift belly fat that so many of us have…

The King Of Everything Male

Testosterone is the key male hormone, it makes us the men we are by performing and controlling several process within our body:

Androgenic – Testosterone helps promote masculine features and attributes such as body hair, deeper voice and a generally dominant temperament

Anabolic – By regulating and promoting protein synthesis our body i able to build solid lean muscle mass

Health – By regulating certain aspects of our health including fat and bone tissue Testosterone keeps us healthy and performing at our best

Normal testosterone levels general;y range between 300 and 100g.dl if the levels fall below this range, the man is generally considered to have low T ( AKA Hypogonadism) this is one of the key reasons for the increase of body fat – especially around the belly.

How To Reduce Belly Fat

There is a saying that a slim muscular stomach is built by 70% diet and 30% exercise… this means that your diet is very important, and its not just what you eat, its how much….. Experts have proven that if you burn more calories that you eat each day, you WILL lose weight, it’s a scientific fact… as your body burns calories for energy, once all the calories that you have eaten have been used up, it turns to the stored reserves in the body fat to make up the shortfall….this means that you burn fat and lose weight.. If you are eating more than you burn, quite simply this will not happen and you will simply gain more weight..

The first think that you need to do is to work out your calorie intake each day ( on average a man needs around 2500 calories per day) then try and reduce that by around 500-750 so you are only eating a maximum of between 1750 and 2000 per day…. couple this with some exercise – even a brisk 30 minute walk each day and you will see the results quite quickly..

How Can Testosterone Help Me Burn Fat

Once you are eating fewer calories, you can then also speed the fat burning process by boosting your testosterone…

Heres Why:

Testosterone Builds Muscle 

Muscles need to burn calories to help maintain their mass and strength.. by diverting more energy towards them (by exercise for example) less is being directed to your fat cells…. This process is called Nutrient Partitioning and is a main reason why increased testosterone helps to boost muscles and reduce fat, it is a crucial regulator of muscle mass and when combined with regular strength training helps to increase protein synthesis which in turn builds more muscle mass..

A study carried out at Griggs followed 9 men over a 12 week period….as their testosterone levels increased, their protein synthesis and muscle mass increased by 27%

Low Testosterone Causes Fat Increase

Just as high levels of testosterone help to promote protein synthesis and the growth of muscle instead of fat, when a man’s testosterone levels are low, the opposite effect occurs…. one study published in JCEM looked at a group of men who had the testosterone levels blocked.. during the test period, their fat levels increased by a staggering 36%

This proved beyond a doubt that by increasing your testosterone production, your body fat levels will reduce

Testosterone Reduces Fat Cell Growth

Testosterone has been shown to reduce the amount of fat contained in the cells.. by reducing the amount of insulin being absorbed by the fat cells, more energy is burnt instead of being stored as fat and increasing the amount of belly fat

More Testosterone Means More Energy

Although increased energy is not a direct fat burning property, it DOES mean that when you workout, take a walk or in fact whatever you are doing throughout your day, you feel less lethargic and naturally burn more calories, melting more fat and boosting those muscles

Key Points To Note

  • The key to fat loss is to burn more calories than you consume
  • Testosterone helps build muscle which boosts your metabolism
  • Testosterone restricts the growth of fat cells
  • Testosterone helps boost energy levels – keeps you more active and less likely to build body fat

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