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Testo Fuel is one supplement that we’ve been hearing a lot about recently so we2014-10-29 19.53.07 just had to review it and we liked the look of it so much that we actually bought some ourselves to try.

It’s priced at £39 ($69) for a 1 box / 1 month supply and you can get discounts when you order multiple boxes. The reason you’re able to get discounts is because at the moment it’s only available to buy directly from www.testofuel.com

Testo Fuel’s main ingredients are D-Aspartic Acid, ZMA (zinc, magnesium & vit B6), Vitamin D3 and Oyster extract.

My results and experience on Testo  Fuel

One of the things I like about testosterone boosters as muscle building supplements is that they’re in a pill form, when compared to shakes and powders they’re much easier to take and don’t bloat you’re stomach.

I started taking this on a Monday, 4 tablets a day evenly spread out as the label suggested. The pills go down easy and they don’t really taste of much. I didn’t expect to feel anything straight away because it’s not a stimulant / fat burner type product, I knew it would take a few days to kick in.
2014-11-04 09.46.14It took longer than expected, it wasn’t until the following week (second week) that I started to notice myself getting stronger, that week my bench went from 90kg (the previous week) to 100kg. I just felt much stronger and less tired. I felt like for the last 3 weeks I was on it I was recovering quicker, getting noticeably stronger and gaining weight. The only other time I’ve experienced gains like this is when I haven’t trained for a while and I go back to the gym.

Testofuel Ingredients

Let’s take a look at the exact ingredients in depth to see how they work :

  •  Oyster – High In Zinc – Oysters contain more Zinc than steak, and is essential for muscle growth and other important processes such as healthy semen production
  • Ginseng – Known to boost testosterone levels, increasing sexual desire and cell growth
  • Fenugreek – Commonly used in cooking (expecially in curries), researchers in Australia recently carried out blind studies on fenugreek and found that it enhanced testosterone levels, boosting libido
  • Vitamin D – it’s a medical fact that reduced levels of vitamin D have a direct effect on testosterone production
  • D-aspartic acid – Tests show that this crucial amino acid enhances both luteinizng and testosterone levels by 45% in just 13 days
  • Magnesium – Higher levels of Magnesium have been directly liked to increased levels of free testosterone
  • Vitamin B6 – essential for many bodily functions that include testosterone production.

Oyster extract isn’t found in any other testosterone boosters even though it’s one of the best foods you can eat for building muscle. Vitamin D and the amino acid D-Aspartic Acid are two of the main ingredients for muscle building supps, we highly recommend supplementing them.

You can only order it from their website

We searched all over the internet and we couldn’t find Testo Fuel in any of the supp shops. We thought this was a bit strange so we contacted them about it.

They informed us that they only sell their product directly online through their website www.testofuel.com at the moment. They said that they do this so they can offer customers the best deal and also offer you a 90 day money-back guarantee – We actually think that this is possibly the only test booster that actually has any guarantee whatsoever

The company is based in the UK, you don’t have to worry about import duty or slow delivery.

They ship worldwide and have distribution centres in both the UK and the USA so you can be sure of fast delivery, regardless of where you live.

Do we recommend Testo Fuel?

Yes. We think that it’s one of the best muscle building supplements around and it’s reasonably priced. If you’re looking to increase muscle mass and want to get stronger and just have that extra ‘boost’ in the gym then try this.

You can stack it with Creatine or any weight gain shake.

Best online deals

2014-11-04 11.02.13At the TestoFuel website you can get the following deals:

Buy 1 box (months supply) for £39 ($69)- perfect to experience what Testo fuel can do for you

If you want see the effects over a longer term you can buy 2 boxes for £78

Recommended Deal (This is the package We Bought)- Ultimate Muscle Gainers Package:

Buy 3 boxes get 1 box free for £117 ($219)

Go to testofuel.com to buy .


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Average rating:  
 23 reviews
by Brian Simpson on Testo Fuel
Worked For Me!!

Hi Guys I am 29, work out 3-4 times a week, with a mix of heavy weight, cardio plus endurance type trying ( I run and cycle too) since i started taking testofuel (2 months ago), my muscles have really grown in size, I feel more powerful and look ripped too!Top quality product with no side effects!!I totally recommend it.

by Anthony Daily. on Testo Fuel
Honest Product!

Hi there, i have been into keep fit & healthy living for many years now so have used a wide range of supplements over time and i must say the majority have been all hype and a waste of time.TESTOFUEL however has been one of the products that i have been totally happy with and have continued to use.For me it has been increased energy,increased libido and better moods which all helps with better gym sessions.

by Jim on Testo Fuel

Powerful and effective - the best I have ever used... 100% recommended

by Graham on Testo Fuel
good stuff

Took a few weeks to really kick in but all i can say is awesome... I feel great and look fantastic..

by Greg W on Testo Fuel
Slow But Sure

It took me 3 weeks before i noticed any gains, but but these pills have really kicked in now. I feel stronger, look visibly larger, more toned and feel as randy as a teenager.. Definitely one to recommend!!

by Steve S on Testo Fuel
Try Again ?

Hi. I posted about two weeks ago saying I hadn't seen much happen in the first two weeks of taking Testofuel.
Well I now have about 2 days worth left of my first months supply. Unfortunately I am not in a position to buy the 2 or 3 month offer so have to get 1 month at a time. This means I don't qualify for the money back offer. (bit unfair on people that have to do it that way but anyway)... I was just wondering what your advice would be. Should I try a second month to really give it a chance or should I try another brand.
I would say the only difference I have felt is that I am getting a great nights sleep.Not really feeling any of the other results mentioned.
So should I give it a second month to be sure? Would appreciate your thoughts.

Hi Steve.. In my personal opinion, I would give it a second month.. it is a slow burner, for me it took 3 weeks before i saw any real benefits but as with anything it will be different for different people..have faith..this stuff really does work...

by Marc C on Testo Fuel
Works For Me

I am naturally sceptical, but after reading various reviews i took the plunge and ordered 3 month supply. now after 7 weeks I am really pleased with the results.. I feel really strong, my sex drive is off the scale and i now have some good muscle definition.. maybe its physicological but i do seem to work out harder in the gym these days as well… will be buying more - thats for sure

by Steve S on Testo Fuel
Early Days

Hi...I am exactly two weeks into my first batch of Testofuel. I know it's early days and i'm probably being a little impatient but I was wondering when I can expect to start seeing results as I can't see or feel much difference at the minute.
I saw an earlier poster say he saw nothing for first 2 weeks then results started to show...Hope this is going to be the case with me too !

Hi Steve, give it time… we use Testofuel ourselves and it did take a little bit of time to kick in.. but it was worth the wait… keep going!!

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