Where To Buy Now ZMA in UK

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Now ZMA Review

Proven Combination, but is ZMA good enough on its own?

Sports supplement manufacturers NOW have released a new Testosterone booster based on the proven ingredient combination known as ZMA.

It claims that it will help boost muscle mass and strength AND its ideal for both image_25957_original_X_450_whitesexes.

But Is Now ZMA Enough on its own?? we check it out…

The Formula in Now ZMA

Containing Just 3 ingredients, each serving of Now ZMA contains:

  • Vitamin B6 15mg
  • Zinc 30mg
  • Magnesium 450mg

Directions For Use

Now ZMA is suitable for both sexes, men should ideally take 3 capsules daily, on an empty stomach approx. 30 minutes before bedtime, women should take 2 capsules

WARNING – The makers advise to avoid dairy products and foods containing calcium while taking this product..

What Do Users Say?

The Jury is really out with this one – reviews are very mixed, for every positive review there is another claiming poor or no results…

sample reviews courtesy of bodybuilding.com


Any Side Effects

ZMA as a combination is generally free from side effects, but we have heard of a few reports of headaches and runny noses after taking Now ZMA – wether these problems were directly caused by the supplement is unknown.

Where To Buy

You can Buy Now ZMA from many sources, including bodybuilding.com.uk, amazon and other popular sources.. Expect to pay between £10.21 and £20.05

Any Cash Back Guarantees

None Provided

Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that taking ZMA can and will help increase recovery, energy and sleep.. it will also help to a certain degree with boosting muscle mass and strength.. If you are serious about building really big muscles, on its own it’s not (in our opinion) really enough.. we do recommend that you use products that include the ZMA combination plus other proven ingredients like Vitamin D3, DAA, Fenugreek, and even Oyster extract.

If you want a boost to energy, recovery and sleep than Now ZMA would be perfect for you, if you desire bigger muscles and increase strength, we suggest that you check out our top rated T-Boosters page.. The products listed all use ZMA along with other proven ingredients.. many also offer a cash back guarantee that assures buyers of a refund should they be unhappy with the results.

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