What Should I Be Stacking With My Testosterone Booster

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

What Should I Be Stacking With My Testosterone Booster

When you are training hard in the gym.. working towards that toned, ripped physique, you need to take advantage of everything possible to reach your goals…. You will quite possibly be taking a testosterone booster as these are one of the most crucial supplements for anybody building muscle mass..

But did you know that the effects of even the best testosterone booster (such as our top rated product Testofuel) can be boosted by stacking or supplementing with other products or nutrients..

Some supplements work better than others… here is our definitive guide to what you should be taking alongside your testosterone booster

Creatine Monohydrate – One of the classic supplements – it has been tried and tested over many years… very well studied, bodybuilders of all abilities use it to help boost their strength, focus and overall results.

Fish Oil – Omega-3 – Perfect for anybody wanting to increase bulk without compromising muscle tone or gaining unwanted fat… fish pid actually help guard against body fat, encouraging fat loss as well as actually improving focus and concentration… Fish Oils can also help help reduce risks of heart disease, strokes and other health issues…

Multivitamins ( NOT ZINC) – Its imortant to make sure that you have optimum levels of all essential vitamins and minerals… even a full balanced diet may not always provide everything you need, especially if you are working out hard as a strenuous exercise session can deplete levels of certain vitamins quite quickly… Just avoid taking extra zinc as your testosterone booster ( if its worth taking) will already contain the correct level of Zinc….

A Good Natural Fat Burner – Essential if you are cutting and trying to lose any residual body fat.. by taking a good fat burner ( As an example – Instant Knockout)  you can minimise the build up of any unwanted body fat while building muscle

Nitric Oxide ( Pre-Workout) – If you enjoy the boost to pumps that a good nitric oxide booster gives you then go ahead, you can use these alongside your t-booster with no concerns… Products like Red Asian Ginseng are excellent and it is found in products like Testofuel, but if you want an even better muscle pumping effect, then look for product that contains Citrulline Malate at around 6000mg per serving**

** Citrulline Malate forms an essential part of 4gauge..a proven and effective pre workout  – Read More About 4 Gauge Here

What Not To Take Alongside Your Testosterone Booster

Other Testosterone Boosters – if you are already taking a t-booster, don’t double up and take another too… you run the risk of taking too much of the key ingredients, and this could be detrimental to our results, and worse still your health… So If you are happy with your current T-Booster, stick with that and that alone…

ZMA – as the component ingredients of ZMA are found in many T-Boosters – again do not take a separate ZMA supplement – OR supplements that contain Vitamin B6, Magnesium or Zinc… Zinc is the most crucial one to be aware of here… the recommended maximum/safe dose is just 40mg per day, and that is very easy to exceed fit you are taking 2 or more products contain zinc.

Thick Protein Shakes – Taking too much protein in shake form is actually detrimental to your results…. if you over do the protein shakes, your body has to work harder to process and break it down, this can trigger the release of the stress hormone Cortisol which can have the result of reducing testosterone, and slowing down your results in the gym….

By all means drink a good protein shake before or just after your workout, just do not take them to excess..


If you really want to pack on good solid muscle mass, we recommend that you choose Testofuel – Our official #1 Testosterone booster… With clinically proven levels of essential testosterone boosting ingredients, that include Magnesium, Zinc and Red Ginseng, alongside other essential vitamins and minerals including powerful doses of Fenugreek, Vitamin D3 and D-Aspartic acid.

Taken alongside a good multivitamin along with the other supplements listed above will turbocharge your results and give you the muscle boosting results you work so hard for..

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