What Is Tren Cough

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

What Is Tren Cough

Tren Cough Explained

Tren Cough is a side effect of injecting certain anabolic steroids, in particular Trenbolone. A powerful androgen steroid, it is considered many times more stronger than testosterone. 


Highly effective at building muscle mass, it has (alongside other anabolics) some nasty side effects, the most common being Tren Cough.

Caused by the release of certain lipids that cause constriction in the cardiovascular system. Users can experience an extreme cough that can last anything from a few seconds to many minutes.

Trenbolone was originally developed by pharmacists for animal uses. In particular to help animals retain their appetite and not lose weight while being transported to the slaughterhouse. 

In the 1990’s a french company developed a version for use by humans. This was quickly removed from the marketplace to due its nasty side effects.

Trenbolone is without any doubt a highly effective mass builder and strength enhancer. Its little wonder that so many bodybuilders buy it on the black market to help boost their efforts in the gym. It boosts protein synthesis and the bodies response to growth factor and improves collagen synthesis. Animal studies have also shown that it could help reduce the storing of body fat.

The US government placed Trenbolone on its list of dangerous ingredients. It is now banned by most international sports bodies and associations.

Tren Cough After Injection

Many users report that they experience Tren cough after injecting themselves with steroids. The cough is usually described as ‘hacking’ and can last from several minutes to throughout the entire day. It was thought that the benzyl in Trenbolone hit the lungs, causing a reaction that triggers the cough.

Studies have shown that along side the benzyl, the actual cause is more likely to be certain lipids known as prostaglandins*. These lipids can help reduce fat deposits amongst other things. Another substance called bradykinin is also thought to contribute to the cough. It has effects on both blood pressure and various respiratory and circulatory functions.

*Prostaglandins are known for their ability to inflame and cause vasodilation, (where blood vessels in the lungs constrict ). There are also thoughts that the active components in Trenbolone can also cause the users throat to swell.

All can combine to cause Tren Cough.

Can Tren Cough Kill?

Although a nasty and unpleasant side effect, with sufferers feeling like ‘they were going to die’. Most experts feel that however severe and worrying the resulting cough is, it will not kill you.

How To Avoid Tren Cough

The simplest and obvious answer to this question is not take or inject it. Aside from the cough itself, anabolic steroids in general are well known for their other nasty side effects that can include:

  • Shrunken testicles
  • Bitch tits ( man boobs)
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Heart problems and increased risk of stroke
  • Increased blood pressure


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