Vitamin D And Testosterone Levels

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The Link between Testosterone And Vitamin D

Its been long thought that natural Testosterone levels and Vitamin D are linked, the NSCA in the USA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) recently carried out an in depth survey on just how it works to help build muscle mass and strength. there is quite an informative video on the site which is worth a look

NSCA Official Website

Recommended Daily Intake

The minimum recommended dose of vitamin D is 400 iu (international units) per day, its crucial to ensure our well being and keep our bones and in fact our body’s strong.

The problem is that here in the UK (and many parts of the USA) is that we don’t actually get sufficient daily exposure to the sun to maintain healthy levels of Vit D, even when we venture out on a sunny day, what do we do? We put on sunscreen, which of course reduces the amount of Vitamin D that actually gets through our skin.

The effects of Vitamin D on Testosterone production is only now being appreciated and with the majority of us not getting enough naturally, the only real way to increase Vitamin D absorption is by supplementation, more and more bodybuilders have recognised the importance of this vitamin and are adding it to their daily supplement

Where To Find Vitamin D In Testosterone Supplements

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