Vigostren Review – Does It Really Work?

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Vigostren Review – Does It Really Work?

Popular On Amazon, But How Good Is Vigostren?

Vigostren is a natural testosterone boosters formulated by a company of the same name….claiming to be the most powerful product available to men (where have we heard that before!!), it claims that it can help guys of all ages by boosting testosterone production, enhancing energy, muscular hardness, libido and recovery more than anything else on the market today…

But Does It LIve Up To Its Claims?? 

We Find Out….

The Formula In Vigostren

Not a good start at all…. There is no real information whatsoever on whats in the formula at all…. There is one reference on Amazon to the fact that it contains Tribulus Terrestris but thats about as far as it goes….

This leaves us totally in the dark……

How To Take Vigostren

Take 1-2 capsules with warm water before a meal once a day..

Users Feedback

On Amazon there are a lot of very negative reviews..largely reports of little or no results….

There are some positive reviews which could show that it might work for some, but we have to point out that Amazon are well known for using professional reviewers who are given the products for free in return for a good review.. now we do not know if this applies to Vigostren, but with so many negative reviews we have to pose the question as to just how reliable the positive feedback is..

sample feedback from amazon

Reported Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported

Where to Buy Vigostren

Amazon is the main source for buyers in the UK… here a box will cost you £20.00 with amazon prime members also getting free shipping..

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

The makers talk about a cast iron cash back guarantee, but give no further information, so its not clear how long the guarantee lasts for or if it only applies to unopened products..

Our Thoughts on Vigostren

Why would anybody want to buy a product without knowing whats in it?? if you do you must be mad (no offence intended)….

If ( and its a big if) it does contain Tribulus, then it might ( depending on how much is actually in each dose) help boost a flagging libido*… but as for everything else that they claim, we very much doubt that it will do anything for you… there are too many negative reviews, and the fact that they hide the details of the formula from prospective buyers is massive warning sign…

*Tribulus has been shown (in the correct doses) that it can in some cases help improve sex drive.. however despite being studied hundreds of times to determine its ability to boost testosterone it has failed in every trial to provide even a hint of an increase – quite frankly it does not work…

Wouldn’t Touch This One If It Was The Last Product On Earth…Too Many Unknowns…

Instead we suggest that you check out our top rated t-boosters page.. the products listed all have fully disclosed, clinically proven formulas that are proven to work….

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