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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Animal Stak Review

Universal nutrition have long been regarded as one of the best sports supplement suppliers around, their product Animal Test has been one of the best selling testosterone boosters for years.

Animal Stak is another product in their armory, its not just a testosterone booster, its also a GH boosters and anti aromatase.

The Formula In Animal Stak

The Formula is made from 5 proprietary complexes along with

  • Vitamin B6 10.5mg
  • Magnesium 450mg
  • Zinc  30mg
  • Vitamin D3 1000iu

The various complexes include

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Fenugreek
  • Maca
  • L-Carnitine
  • Milk Thistle
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Polygonum

See Image below for full formula

Taking Animal Stak

Each pack contains 21 days supply, each days supply is held in its own packet so its not generally possible to miss or overtake the pills, simply take the pills in one packet each day for 21 days and then rest for 7 days before repeating

Users Feedback

As from anything from universal, you would expect some good results.

On the whole most users did experience increases in gains, strength and recovery.

On the downside, it is expensive to buy and many users feel that the formula is still lacking and ‘behind the times’.

One example is that it doesn’t have D-Aspartic acid which is one of the most sought after and most effective test boosting ingredients

Any Side Effects

Increased Acne and Aggression are commonplace

Where To Buy

Readily Available online form virtually every supplement supplier, Amazon and even Ebay

Price wise its not cheap – you will pay around £42.99 for 21 days supply

Any Cash Back Guarantee

Regretfully no – which is a shame given Universals pedigree

Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that Animal Stak is a good product, its reviews generally speak for themselves and some users will enjoy good results, that said, the formula is obviously lacking in some areas and definitely outdated, its not clear also just how much of each ingredient are in the  various complexes as the makers prefer to hide behind the now all too common practice of using undisclosed proprietary blends.

Might be good for some users, but it could do better…

Top Three Testosterone Booster?

Regretfully There is no room for Animal Stak in our top three recommended test boosters, despite its pedigree, the formula just seems to lack something..

We suggest that you have a look at our top three page, these three products have all been chosen for their proven results, ingredient profile and in the case of our #1 rated product a lengthy and rare ( in this industry) 90 day cash back guarantee.

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