How To Get That 6 Pack

Want A 6 Pack Set Of Abs? Heres How…

how to get a 6 pack

Its the epitome of a well honed man (or woman for that matter) but having a 6 pack set of abs isn’t just down to the amount of stomach crunches or sit ups that you do.

The key is not just exercise, although it is crucial, believe it or not the most important thing that determines if you have a 6 pack or not is your body fat percentage.

You have no doubt seen a truly skinny guy with stunning abs, and you know for a fact that they don’t go to the gym – so how do they do it??

They haven’t…. its purely done to the fact that they are skinny and have a low % of body fat.

How Much Body Fat Do You Need ( Or Need To Lose) To Get A 6 Pack

In order to have a great 6 pack, you need to reduce your body fat… knowing just how much is crucial and gives you a fixed goal at which to aim.

It can and will vary from person to person and also it depends if you are a man or a woman.

As an approximate guide these are the figures that you need to aim for to get that set of killer abs.

For Men – You need to get your body fat % down to single figures – below 10%

For Women – You need to aim for between 10 and 15%

Keeping Your 6 Pack

Its not always easy to maintain a fantastic set of abs, it does take work and this is why many bodybuilders do not always keep their optimum shape all year round… their workouts vary from intense during summer and/or competition time to more gentle routines during the winter for instance.

Reduced body fat is a benefit of increased testosterone levels, this is another reason why many athletes and body builders use good natural testosterone boosters to help boost their levels of this crucial hormone.

A good testosterone booster will help reduce body fat, as well as increase strength and muscle mass. many will also (as an added bonus) provide a spike to the users libido.

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