Where To Buy Testogen UK

Where To Buy Testogen UK

We Check Out Testogen – The UK’s Most Popular Natural Testosterone Booster Of 2020 

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[Updated 2020] Testogen is a UK developed and made 100% natural testosterone booster that was released in the UK back in 2014.

The manufacturers of Testogen claim that its all natural ingredients will help men:

  • Boost Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Focus and Recovery
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Provide a Boost To Libido

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The Formula In Testogen

The Formula is crucial to a products effectiveness… Use optimum amounts of the right ingredients in the most effective forms (versions) and you should expect some good results.

The makers of Testogen have recently tweaked and re-formulated their product, and have put together some great T-boosting ingredients, using the right forms and using optimum amounts of the key ingredients in each serving of Testogen….

Each serving in Testogen includes

  • Magnesium Citrate – 200mg
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal 5 phosphate) 20mg
  • Zinc (citrate dihydrate) – 10mg
  • Vitamin D3 – 50mcg
  • Vitamin K1  (Phytonadione) – 20mcg
  • D-Aspartic Acid – 2352mg
  • Nettle Leaf – 40mg
  • Red Ginseng Extract – 40mg
  • Fenugreek – 40mg
  • Boron Citrate – 20mg
  • Bioperine – 95% piperine – 5mg

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Testogen also make an innovative Instant T-Booster oral supplement which is supplied with the larger packages**, taken in conjunction with the main product, it provides an extra boost to the formula, maximising and enhancing the results.

It contains a number of key ingredients as seen in this image of the label:

testogen instant t-booster oral drops

Directions For Use

The recommended dose of Testogen is 4 capsules daily, spread evenly throughout the day –

We suggest that you take your first testogen capsule at breakfast, another at lunch, the third with evening meal and the final one just before you go to bed..

This allows a constant flow of testogen through the body over a 24 hr period.

When you use the Oral drops (supplied with some packages), just place 1-2 drops under the tongue once or twice a day as required.

Users Feedback

Lots of independant user Testogen reviews are starting to come in now, and for the majority of users this seems to work quite well…

We have seen encouraging testogen reviews of increased strength, energy and muscle mass from guys of all ages..

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Reported Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported from the use of Testogen… We will add here if any reports come in

Where To Buy Testogen In The UK

Currently you can order Testogen directly from the manufacturers official site – testogen.com.. it is also available from Amazon. (although we do recommend buying direct from manufacturers)

Testogen ship all orders quickly and securely and another good thing is that all orders of testogen are shipped for FREE regardless of where you are in the world.

testogen uk website

A months supply of Testogen will cost you £34.95 (which works out at USD $54.87 or €43.69 EUR for overseas buyers)

There are some good offers for larger orders of testogen and our vote for best buy goes to their Ultimate Supply

You buy a 3 Months supply of testogen, get 2 more FREE, plus a free testogen E book on testosterone. This will cost you £119.95 ($188.16 or €149.85)

** With the 3 box package, you also receive a FREE months supply of the Testogen INSTANT Testosterone booster oral drops. Just 1-2 drops under the tongue twice daily enhances and boosts the effects of the main supplement.

Fully Guaranteed

The makers of Testogen give a 60 day cash back guarantee on all orders (when you buy direct). This should give you some confidence if you decide to try this new booster.

Our Thoughts On Testogen

There is no doubt that Testogen will provide some brilliant results.. Independent testogen reviews are virtually all are positive, its pretty clear that on the whole, Testogen is a great product, and one that certainly works for the majority of users..

Keen gym going guys all report great gains in muscle mass and strength, Men over 35 love it for the way that it restores youthful vitality, muscle tone and libido.

Great Potential!

The signs are really good, Testogen definitely has great potential for men of all ages..The Added bonus of the Instant T-boosting oral drops really separates it from most other products.

A great formula, alongside free worldwide shipping and a lengthy 60 day cash back guarantee ( although there are products that offer longer) we definitely feel that Testogen is certainly one to consider…

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