Where To Buy Testofuel UK


Where To Buy Testofuel UK

Testofuel T-Booster Review [Updated 2020]

[Updated 2020] Testofuel is an all natural Testosterone Booster made by the guys at UK based Roar Ambition Ltd.

Since its launch nearly 5 years ago,testofuel has gone from strength to strength. Having been an almost permanent fixture at the top of the best sellers list virtually ever since its launch.

And the demand for Testofuel has shown no signs of slowing down.

In fact more and more guys worldwide are discovering Testofuel and its powerful, muscle boosting, strength enhancing formula..


What Makes Testofuel So Special?

The formula in Testofuel is the key point here, bodybuilders tend to be amongst the most ‘clued up’ of all supplement buyers.

They tend to not get hoodwinked by unscrupulous manufacturers who employ a whole range of marketing techniques and unsubstantiated hype to encourage buyers to part with their hard earned money for products that are best weakly formulated and at worse potentially risky with some unsavoury ingredients in the mix….

Testofuel is also perfect for the slightly older man, who is experiencing the effects of age related testosterone decline.

the all encompassing natural formula in testofuel will help boost muscle tone, libido and sexual performance, it can also help reduce unwanted belly fat and improve moods and sleep quality.

With Testofuel you get an uncompromising, fully disclosed, scientifically developed mix of clinically proven t-boosting ingredients..

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Testofuel Ingredients

Let’s take a deeper look at the exact ingredients in Testofuel to see how they work 

Oyster* (100mg) – High In Zinc – Oysters contain more Zinc than steak, and is essential for muscle growth and other important processes such as healthy semen production. Testofuel was the first of its kind to harness this crucial ingredient.

Ginseng (100mg) – Known to boost testosterone levels, increasing sexual desire and cell growth.

Fenugreek (100mg) – Commonly used in cooking (expecially in curries), researchers in Australia recently carried out blind studies on fenugreek and found that it enhanced testosterone levels, boosting libido

Vitamin D (5000iu) – it’s a medical fact that reduced levels of vitamin D have a direct effect on testosterone production, Testofuel contains 5000iu – a proven quantity, essential for maximum testosterone production.

D-aspartic acid (2300mg) – Tests show that this crucial amino acid enhances both luteinizng and testosterone levels by 45% in just 13 days. Testofuel contains an impressive amount per serving.

Magnesium (200mg) – Higher levels of Magnesium have been directly liked to increased levels of free testosterone. Testofuel contains an optimum daily dose.

Vitamin B6 (5mg) – essential for many bodily functions that include testosterone production.

Vitamin K2 (18mcg)- Another body essential vitamin.

Zinc (10mg) – Another key testosterone boosting ingredient, also responsible for healthy sex drive and semen production.

*Oyster extract isn’t found in any other testosterone boosters even though it’s one of the best foods you can eat for building muscle.

Vitamin D and the amino acid D-Aspartic Acid are two of the main ingredients for muscle building supplements, Testofuel contains them both at optimum amounts and we highly recommend supplementing them.

Testofuel can be stacked with other bodybuilding products, fat burners and protein shakes.

testofuel uk

My Personal Feedback On Testofuel

One of the things I like about testosterone boosters as muscle building supplements is that they’re in a pill form.

When compared to shakes and powders they’re much easier to take and tend not to cause any stomach bloating

I started taking testofuel at the dose of 4 tablets a day evenly spread out as the label suggested.

The pills go down easy and they don’t really taste of anything really. I didn’t expect to feel anything straight away because it’s not a stimulant / fat burner type product, I knew it would take a few days to kick in.

It took a little longer than expected, it wasn’t until the following week (second week) that I started to notice myself getting stronger.

That week my bench went from 90kg (the previous week) to 100kg. I just felt much stronger and less tired. As the days went by, I really noticed a great improvement in my recovery times too.

The only other time I’ve experienced gains like this is when I haven’t trained for a while and then go back to the gym. Testofuel was without any doubt the catalyst for this boost in my improvement.

On another note too – my sex drive is through the roof!! Just like I was back in my late teens!

What Do Other Users Say?

There is a massive amount of positive independent feedback online, both on the official website and popular forums, noticeboards etc.

Users of all ages and abilities have recorded some terrific results from taking Testofuel.

These include massive gains in muscle mass, strength, energy and a very welcome (and popular all round) boost to sex drive and performance.

Testofuel Q&A
Why Should I Choose Testofuel?

Testofuel only uses clinically proven ingredients, it does not use any undisclosed proprietary blends or complexes, each and every ingredient is backed up by solid scientific evidence and controlled studies

What Is Testofuel For?

Testofuel was designed to be used by many man aged 18 or over who wants to build or improve his muscle mass, strength and tone. It can also help reduce body fat and improve sex drive in older men

Does Testofuel Contain Stimulants?

Testofuel does not contain any stimulants that will keep you awake at night or cause any shakes or jitters.

I Regularly Compete, Does Testofuel Contain Any Banned Ingredients That Might Flag Up In A Drugs Test?*

No Testofuel is a blend of essential amino acids, vitamins ad mineral, there are no banned substances in the formula

How Many Capsules In A Box Of Testofuel?

There are 120 capsules in every box, a daily dose is 4 per day, which means each box contains enough testofuel for 30 days supply

How Long Can You Take Testofuel?

The makers suggest that you take testofuel for at least 2 months to feel full benefits, it can however be taken for as long as you wish with no need to cycle or take rest periods.

Can Testofuel be Stacked With Other Supplements?

Yes, Testofuel can be taken alongside protein shakes, pre-workouts, fat burners, in fact most other bodybuilding or health supplements.

Do I Need To Cycle Testofuel?

No the all natural formula in testofuel can be taken for as long as required with no ill effects

Can Women Use Testofuel?

The answer to this question is yes. We all need a certain amount testosterone (women just need a lot less) and Testofuel will take T levels to the maximum level for your gender.

Is Testofuel Safe?

Testofuel has been tried and tested and does not usually cause any side effects for 99% of users. The only thing that we would recommend is that if you have an allergy to shellfish that you do not take as the product contains Oyster extract

Can You Take Testofuel On An Empty Stomach?

With nothing in the formula that should cause any side effects, you should be totally fine taking on an empty stomach. Just keep to the recommended daily dose and try to take at the same time every day. If you miss a serving for any reason, DO NOT double up, just take the next dose when due.

Is Testofuel Auto-shipped and Billed Monthly?

No, You just order and pay for what you want, when you want. You will NOT receive any goods that you did not order – or be charged without your permission

Where To Buy Testofuel In The UK

testofuel official website
Testofuel website accepts orders from buyers in Australia, Canada, UK, US, The EU, Ireland and Asia

After researching online, I discovered that the makers of testofuel do not sell through any outside retailers (like amazon or eBay).

They prefer to sell directly from their official website (testo fuel.com). That way they can control the quality, customer service and the shipping itself.

They can also offer their 90 day guarantee.

As a UK based company, you can be sure of fast shipping with no import duty.

With distribution centres both here in the UK and the USA, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you will receive your order quickly and securely.

Testofuel prices start at £39 ($69) for a 30 day supply, there are some great offers for buying 2 or more boxes.

I would recommend the ‘Ultimate Muscle Gainers Package’ as the best value buy… Costing £117.00 ( $195) you get a three month supply…. PLUS a 4th box of Testo Fuel FREE, along with FREE Worldwide shipping and 2 FREE ‘E’ books, one on nutrition and another on workouts..

Cash Back Guarantee?

Testofuel were the first manufacturer to offer a full 90 day cash back guarantee.

Simply put, the makers ask you to buy and take as directed for 90 days.

After this period, if you see no effects, just return the empty boxes for a FULL refund with no questions asked..

Will Testofuel Flag Up A Drug Test

*We get asked this quite a bit so we thought we would address this more in depth here.

We have thoroughly checked out all the natural ingredients in Testofuel, and cross checked them with all the official bodies, research papers and the FDA. None of them are banned substances.

It’s unlikely that they will trigger a false positive test results if you were to get drug tested. 

Naturally there is a very slight chance that for any reason, any ingredient could flag up on a test. 

So our recommendation is that if you are entering competitions regularly and it’s likely that you could be tested, then take the bottle with you so you can show them what you are taking.

We can say with 99.99% confidence that you will not be flagged for a false positive while using Testofuel.

My Thoughts

I have tried many bodybuilding supplements over the years, and I keep coming back to Testofuel. Its effects are first class.

I strongly believe that you not find a better muscle boosting supplement anywhere…

It’s cleverly developed formula, impressive list of user testimonials and the industry busting guarantee all cement its claims as the best T-booster around..

I for one will not be using anything else!!


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The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on our own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.