Six Star Pro Testosterone Booster Review

Six Star Pro Testosterone Booster Elite Series

From the makers of muscletech, Six Star Pro Testostreone Booster is a naturally formulated supplement that will ( it is claimed):

  • Stimulate free testosterone
  • Maintain Peak Testosterone To Cortisol Ratio
  • Enhance Performance

The Formula In Six Star Pro

The Ingredient profile reads as follows

Rhodiola Extract 386mg

Gingko Biloba 2.7mg

Boron Citrate 100mg

Taking Six Star Pro

Take 2 capsules, twice a day with water

Users Feedback

Reviews are mixed at best, there are some users that report back slight gains in strength and libido, there were no reported gains in bulk.

Any Side Effects

None actually reported but there have been concerns regarding the use of Boron Citrate and the fact that it can increase estrogen levels – the enemy of anybody trying to boost muscle…Its hard to judge though, as there are also studies that really rate Boron as a t-booster…

Where To Buy

Available from many sources both online and in some stores – expect to pay around £8.30 ($13.00) for a months supply

Any Guarantees

At This Price No Chance!!

Our Thoughts

Six Star Pro is a cheap product and it shows, its ingredient profile offers very little to any body wishing to build any strength or muscle.

Give this one a miss – even though its cheap – its a waste of your time and money

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