San Nutrition Endotest Pro Reviews

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

 San Endotest Pro Review

Sports supplement makers San Nutrition offer a natural based Testosterone Booster called Endotest Pro.

Endotest Pro is an Orthomolecyular supplement that the makers tell us will regulate endogenous testosterone release by stimulating our lutenizing hormones.


Endotest Pro follows the lead of so many Testosterone boosters by basing its formula around the effects of Tribulus Terrestris. The extract used in Endotest is a German variety that is harvested at the peak time to maximise the steroidal saponins.

A full Vitex extract were added to the blend to help inhibit prolactin release.

The formula is completed with Rholdoila Rosea and DIM (diindolemethane) which both help reduce estrogen levels and reduce fatigue.

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Users Feedback

At best the feedback is average, quite a few users reported an increase in erection function and slight muscle tightening; however we could not find one user that experienced either a gain in strength or muscle mass.

Any Side Reported Effects

None Reported

Cash Back Guarantee

No Guarantees offered by manufacturers whatsoever.

Where To Buy

Available from many online sources, costs range between £25.00 and £41.00 for a months supply

Our Thoughts

San Endotest Pro could be a good first test booster, however, do not expect dramatic results with this one, if you do, you will be disappointed.

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