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(Last Updated On: December 4, 2019)

Prime Male Review UK

The #1 Testosterone Booster For The Over 35’s [Updated 2020]

primemale-tbukLaunched over 5 years ago now, Prime Male is an exciting all natural testosterone booster that was developed specially for men who are experiencing the effects of age related reduced testosterone production…

Prime Male is a cleverly formulated supplement that is initially aimed at boosting testosterone levels in men aged 35 and over… its around this time of life that many men start experiencing unpleasant effects of diminished testosterone such as:

  • Reduced Muscle Tone and Strength
  • Increased Belly Fat
  • Loss of Sex Drive
  • Erection Problems
The reason why we are reviewing Prime Male on this site is simply because, although it is marketed at men with low Testosterone – Just one look at its formula will tell anybody who knows a bit about testosterone and its muscle building effects that it is (with the probable exception of our top rated muscle boosting product testofuel) going to be just as effective , or even better than many of the more established muscle building products out there…

You Can Find Out More About Prime Male at

The Formula In Prime Male

Each and every ingredient in Prime Male was chosen for it’s clinically approved effects on testosterone production and the controlling of oestrogen.

Its obvious that the makers of Prime Male have spent a lot of time and money researching and formulating this natural testosterone supplement.

Each serving of Prime Male contains:

Prime male formula

Directions For Use

The recommended Daily dose of Prime Male is four capsules, these should be taken as follows:

Before Breakfast

With Lunch

Mid Afternoon

Just Before Your Evening Meal

There is no need to cycle Prime Male and it can be taken for as long as required.

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no reported Adverse Reactions from any users of Prime Male.

Users Feedback

We have spoken to a large number of men who are currently using Prime Male…every one told us that they found that their strength and muscle tone/mass improved quite dramatically and they are all enjoying a very welcome boost to sex drive and performance.

The younger guys who worked out experienced good gains in muscle mass and strength, while the older men who used Prime Male enjoyed improvements in sex drive, energy levels, and muscle tone as well as a reduction in belly fat. It does appear to very effective regardless of your age or goals..


Prime Male FAQ

  • What Is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a scientifically blended testosterone boosting supplement that contains 12 clinically researched and approved ingredients. It is designed to be taken by men aged 35 and over who could be experiencing age related testosterone decline.

  • What Can Prime Male Do?

The formula in Prime Male can help users to regain their overall vitality, muscle tone, strength and sex drive, alongside other health issues sometimes triggered by low testosterone. These can include Increased body fat, mod swings, reduced bone density, high blood pressure and uncontrolled sugar levels

  • What Makes Prime Male Different?

Prime male contains 12 of the most researched and studied T-boosting ingredients – 12 in total. To date Prime Male is the only supplement that contains all 12 – and at the recommended doses too.

  • Is Low Testosterone Easy To Identify?

If you are aged 35 or over and starting to feel more tired, lack strength or muscle tone, maybe you don’t sleep so well, have put on some weight and find that your sex drive has reduced, then these are some key signs of reduced testosterone. You doctor can confirm this with a simple blood test.

  • What Benefits Can Prime Male Offer Me?

Prime Male can help to reverse all of the symptoms listed above, by getting your blood sugar under control it can help reduce the risk of diabetes, getting your blood pressure back to normal will reduce the chances of heart problems, strengthening your muscles will help to reduce fatigue and provide a youthful energy boost. 

We don’t need to explain what a revived sex drive could do for you!!

  • I Still Workout Regularly, Will Prime Male Help Me Increase Muscle Size?

While not actually developed for this purpose, the all encompassing formula in Prime Male will without any doubt help boost muscle mass and strength in men of any age, especially when taken alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. It will also help reduce any unwanted belly fat.

  • How Do I Take Prime Male?

The suggested dose of Prime Male is 4 capsules per day as detailed in the graphic below. 

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, sufficient for 30 days supply

  • How Quickly Will The Ingredients Be Absorbed?

Prime Male contains Bioperine, a derivative of black paper, this is proven to boost the bioavailability and absorption of the nutrients in each capsule by as much as 20 times

  • Why Does It Contain D-Aspartic Acid?

A landmark clinical study shows that men who took D-aspartic acid daily saw their testosterone levels increase by 42% in just 12 days – This is the equivalent of 40 years of steady testosterone loss. We have yet to find any other nutrient that can make this claim.Prime Male contains optimum amounts of DAA.

  • Can You Explain The Difference Between Testosterone and Free Testosterone?

In most men, around half of their natural testosterone is bound (tied to) a protein called SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) this actually renders the testosterone inactive. Free testosterone is not bound to SHBG and is available to work its magic on the body. Prime Male helps to release more testosterone from SHBG.

  • Why Doesn’t Prime Male contain Tribulus Terrestris – Its In Lots Of Other T-Boosters?

The simple facts are that it doesn’t work.. Numerous studies have been carried out on Tribulus and it has failed in every study and trial to generate even a hint of increased testosterone. 

  • Does Prime Male Cause Any Side Effects?

No, the all natural formula in Prime Male does not cause any adverse side effects.

  • I am Vegetarian – Can I Take Prime Male?

The makers use vegetable and plant based products in their capsules, which makes it suitable for all, even vegans.

  • So Prime Male Is Safe To Take?

Prime Male is manufactured in a FDA approved facility, ensuring both its quality and purity. 

Where To Buy Prime Male In The UK

Prime Male is available for worldwide order from the official website –

Prices start at £39.00 ($69.00) for a months supply, there are also some discounts for larger packages..

Our recommendation for BEST BUY is the 3 month package… quite simply, buy 3 months supply of Prime Male for £117 and receive an extra months supply FREE (worth £39) plus you also get FREE worldwide shipping and a 90 day cash back guarantee

Prime Male Cash Back Guarantee

The makers are so confident of Prime Male’s effectiveness that they give a 90 day cash back guarantee.. this highlights not just their belief in their product but also their desire for complete customer male uk

Our Thoughts

“It’s Not What A Products Was Designed to Do –  Its What It CAN Do”

As we say above… it doesn’t matter that Prime Male was originally developed for the older man.

It’s obvious to us and anybody with an interest in muscle building that the formula in Prime Male is cleverly designed to maximise testosterone production, while keeping oestrogen at bay….and as anybody who works out knows – Increased Testosterone = Increased Muscle Mass

Scientifically Formulated To Work – Definitely One To Try

We believe that Prime Male is better than many of the more targeted muscle building T boosters out there, each and every capsule is packed with effective muscle building ingredients that will without a doubt, help you maximise results from your workouts…

“We Strongly Suggest That You Try Prime Male For At Least A Month…..”

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