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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

What Is PES Erase Pro? Does It Work

Erase Pro is made by PES ( Physique Enhancing Science) it is a dual action muscle builder and anti estrogen formulation.

A natural testosterone booster, it also helps to stop the increased production of estrogen – a common by product of increased testosterone.

The Formula In Erase Pro

  • Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17 – doine 75mg

And a two part 500mg matrix made from

  • Boerhaavia Diffusa root extract
  • Eunoymus Alatus Root Extract

Taking Erase Pro

Take 1 capsule per day – do not exceed daily dose

Users Feedback

There is no doubt that Erase Pro can offer some benefits, it does seem highly effective at reducing estrogen, and balancing cortisol levels… With regard to its strength and muscle building effects, reviews are inconclusive, for every positive review there are another 2 that report little or no effect.

Reported Side Effects

Drying of the skin seems to be one common issue

Where To Buy

Most popular online supplement stores sell Erase Pro, expect to pay around $69.00 ( £44.00) for a months supply.

Any Guarantees

None Provided

Our Thoughts

PES are normally known for making good products, That said; Erase Pro seems to work for some and not for others, its not the most potent formula that we have ever seen, and the lack of positive reviews particularly concerning its strength and muscle building properties leads us recommend that you should maybe look elsewhere.

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Using a strict criteria that includes, Ingredients, users feedback, official approvals, guarantees and price, our top three should provide a product for everybody.

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