Omega Sports T-Force Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Omega Sports T-Force Review

With just one ingredient.. Just HOW good is T-Force at boosting Testosterone?

T-Force is a natural testosterone booster popular on sites such as and amazon.. It (like so many products) promises its users that it can help boost muscle mass, strength and libido..

Using just one ( we have to say) rather unusual ingredient, this product certainly caught our eye and we set out to investigate…

The Formula in T-Force

T-Force contains just one ingredient…. called FadogiaPure™ it consists of a 375mg serving of an african herb called Fadogia Agrestis.

How To Take T-Force

Take 1 capsule 4-5 times a day with food…. after 12 weeks, the makers suggest that you take a months break before repeating

Users Feedback

There are a few reviews on that are largely positive….increases in libido do appear to be the main benefit… there are not any defined reports of muscle growth or improvements in strength and/or energy

Reported Side Effects

There are no reported problems resulting from this product, but our research into the ingredient Fadogia Agrestis has shown up some concerns and possible links to cellular toxicity with longer term use* (see below)

Where To Buy T-Force are one of the main stockists .. they currently sell a bottle containing 120 capsules ( a months supply at 4 per day) for £35.29

Cash Back Guarantee/Returns Policy do accept returns and will give a refund on unopened products returned within an unknown timescale (their T&C’s do not clearly specify).. if you have opened the product, you can still return but will get a credit note against further purchases.. Other retailers will have different policies

Our Thoughts

Might Provide A Mild Increase In Libido – But Ineffective As A Muscle Builder

With T-Force lacking every recognised, tried and tested t-boosting ingredient out there, we had a really good look into Fadogia Agrestis…. here are our findings:

Native to Africa and the middle east, Fadogia Agrestis is a commonly used herbal extract used primarily for aphrodisiac purposes – it can also appear on supplement labels as Black Aphrodisiac or Bakin Gagai…. very few clinical studies have been carried out on this ingredient, and those that have been done have only been carried out on Rodents….

*One isolated study did record a short term increase in testosterone in male rats.. but they also suffered from cellular damage at the same time resulting in enlarged testicles – caused, it is believed by the plant extract, (read study here-)

Quite frankly – until more in-depth studies are carried out on this ingredient that involve actual human test subjects, we would strongly suggest that you avoid products containing Fadogia Agrestis.

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