Muscletronic Fat Burner Review UK

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Muscletronic Fat Burner Review UK

Just How Good Is This Triple Action Supplement?

Muscletronic iGPC power blend is the latest in a new generation of multi purpose action supplements aimed at men and women who workout… Home_-_Muscletronic

It promises to help reduce levels of body fat, provide a useful energy boost and also claims that it will help improve focus and concentration.. essential if you are going to get the maximum from your workouts.

But could this be too good to be true?? we tried it for a month and here are our findings….

The Formula In Muscletronic

Ingredients are king, and it has to be said that the makers of Muscletronic have put together a fully disclosed formula that provides users with the following per serving:

  • Vitamin B 17.94mg
  • Alpha GPC 75mg
  • Forskolin 250mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg
  • Caffeien 150mg
  • L-Theanine 150mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea 150mg
  • Citrus Aurantium ( Bitter Orange) 100mg
  • Piperine 6.66mg

How To Take Muscletronic

The directions are as follows:

Home1_-_MuscletronicFor the first 5 days take 2 capsules either on waking or on workout days, approx 30 minutes before starting your workout..

After the first 5 days if you can tolerate the supplement with no ill effects, then you can increase the daily dose to 4 capsules per day ( 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) on days when you are heading for the gym take 2 of the capsules 30 minutes before you start your workout.

Our Personal Feedback

After a month using Muscletronic as recommended, we can report back the following:

Both Rob and myself felt the hit of energy as promised…. it was kind of short-lived though which was disappointing…, I can liken it to the hit you get when you drink a couple of expressos or a can of red bull…. It certainly helped me push my way through some quite intense workouts, without that dip you get as you start to tire..

Because of our increased energy we both managed to gain little bit of muscle, and loose some excess fat along the way…. Not the massive amounts that we hoped, and we have to say that neither of us actually felt the promise boost to focus or concentration.. in fact myself, I felt rather muzzy headed while I was taking it..

Reviews from other independent users are still very thin on the ground, it takes time for feedback from new products to filter through, and we will post more information here as and when it becomes available.

Any Reported Side Effects

As i said above, i felt a bit muzzy headed while I was taking it.. nothing really bad, just not quite right…

Where To Buy Muscletronic In UK

You can buy Muscletronic directly from the official stockist Bauer Nutrition a months supply will currently cost you £39.95 and there are some larger packages available at discounted prices.


Yes the makers do offer a full 60 day cash back guarantee that does apply to both opened and unused bottles.

Our Conclusion

On paper Muscletronic looks promising, but from our experience its actually nothing special… sure it can give you that little boost of energy while working out, but as for a fat burner and focus booster we were decidedly underwhelmed.

We do have another concern.. and that surrounds the use of particular ingredient – Citrus Aurantium ( AKA Bitter Orange) it is commonly used nowadays as a direct replacement for the now banned Ephedra… It lacks any clinical testing and many experts believe that it actually causes the same side effects that got Ephedra banned in the first place….

With this possibility and the total current lack of any human testing we suggest that you give Muscletronic a miss and look for a product with a more prove track record…

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