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(Last Updated On: May 6, 2020)

Is This The Best Testosterone Booster In The UK? [Updated 2020]

Military Muscle Bottle

[Updated 2020] Its a tough question, and in my opinion, its really close – but in this review I am taking a good look at Military Muscle, the latest natural Testosterone booster to hit the UK marketplace.

Military Muscle is a power packed natural T-boosting supplement that will help you build muscle mass fast, increase strength, boost energy and libido

Military Muscle is the result of over 4 years research and development by its UK based manufacturers, (Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd).  This involved a great deal of input from both the military and professional sportsmen as they put their formula together.

The resulting product contains 11 clinically proven ingredients with solid, scientifically backed ability to help provide the right hormonal environment for your body to maximise its testosterone production.

Now Suitable For Vegans !

Why Choose Military Muscle?

The answer is in the benefits that it can provide – It has been proven to help men just like you increase their muscle mass, and strength, it speeds recovery, helps to control and reduce body fat and as a bonus effect, really gives libido, and sexual performance a solid boost.

Although developed for the active, younger man (18-35 age group) , its formula is every bit as effective in men who are slightly older ( 35+) who are experiencing the effects of age related low testosterone. They find that military Muscle helps them regain their youthful vitality, muscle tone and sex drive.

At A Glance Benefits

  • Builds Solid Muscle Mass
  • Increase Strength
  • Reduces Recovery Times After Exercise
  • Improves Moods and General Well Being
  • Boosts Libido And Sexual Performance
  • Reduces Unwanted Belly Fat

The Formula In Military Muscle

ingredients In Military Muscle

The makers have been very specific when formulating their product, the end result is a first class mix of 11 rock solid ingredients that all play their role in boosting natural Testosterone production.

each daily serving of Military Muscle Includes:

  • Vitamin D3 99.96mcg ( approx 4000iu)
  • Vitamin K2 45mcg
  • Vitamin A 257 mcg
  • Iron 12mg
  • Zinc 20mg
  • Nettle Extract ( Urtica Dioca) 360mg
  • Boron 10mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 56mg
  • Ashwagandha 600mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300mg
  • Fenugreek 500mg

All of the Ingredients listed have solid, clinically proven benefits in helping men increase their testosterone production.

“Military Muscle is made using plantcaps® which means that with no animal products used, it is 100% completely safe and suitable for Vegans”

Go To Official Military Muscle Website

Lets Look at The Key Ingredients In Greater Depth

Vitamin D3 

One of, if not the most essential ingredient in the formula, Vitamin D3 is actually a steroid hormone and not as its commonly called a vitamin. Its mainly absorbed in the body by exposure to the sun. 

Many of us however do not actually get enough daily exposure to keep our body ‘topped up’ to optimum levels, meaning that he majority of us are actually deficient. its not found in many food stuffs, so supplementation is the best way of ensuring that we have enough.

Vitamin D3 has been show in clinical studies to have a positive effect on testosterone production. The Vitamin D Council recommends that we need to take 3230iu per day to maximise our testosterone – the amount in Military Muscle (99.96mcg) works out at just under 4000iu


A proven T-boosting compound with an immense amount of testing and trials behind it. It is also an impressive stress reducer, lowering the release of the stress hormone Cortisol which is a known testosterone killer. 

Ashwagandha has shown in trials that it can provide a significant increase in testosterone when taken for 3 months


A reduction in Zinc is linked to low testosterone, it also plays crucial part in our fertility, helping to maximise sperm production and motility.

Zinc can also be lost as we sweat during exercise. Its absolutely key to maintaining maximum testosterone production.


The dose found in Military Muscle (10mg) has been shown in clinical trials to boost testosterone and help reduce the testosterone reducing effects of Estrogen build up.

D-Aspartic Acid

Alongside Vitamin D3, this is another key ingredient that features in all top T-Boosting products. Irrefutable evidence has shown that it can boost testosterone by as much as 42%.

 It has a direct effect on testosterone production by increasing the release of luteinizing hormone, a key precursor to testosterone being produced by the leidig cells in the testes.

Stinging Nettle Extract ( Urtica Dioca)

Known for its ability to reduce cellular inflammation, and help reduce the aromatase effect where testosterone is converted in to Estrogen (the female sex hormone).

This can lead to reduced sex drive, and poor muscle tone, along with increases in body fat.

Studies have determined that 360mg is the optimum daily dose

How Do I Take Military Muscle

The recommended serving is 6 capsules per day, take 2 capsules before each main meal, as this ensures that there is a steady flow of essential nutrients into your body through the day.

What Do Users Say

As a new product, independent feedback is still growing, I did manage to speak to some of the soldiers and sportsmen who were involved in the development. 

They all agreed that the supplement really helped give them the edge in the gym and on the paying field, with increased muscle mass, strength and energy all being reported by users.

Another benefit enjoyed by all men was the way that it increased their sexual responses with improved erections, staying power and overall performance.

sample testimonials from official website


My Own Results With Military Muscle

I took Military Muscle for 4 weeks as apart of this review process… I found it to be slow burner at first, when I say that, I mean that I didn’t see or feel any benefits for about a week, but after that – WOW!, slowly and steadily my energy levels increased and I managed to break through a couple of frustrating plateaus in the gym. 

I had been struggling to improve my bench press and dead lift for over 2 months – but within 2 weeks of starting to take Military muscle I had crushed my previous best in both lifts – with similar results in other lifts too.

Now at the end of my 4 week trial, I am happy that my biceps look larger and feel harder, the same can be said about other key muscles and I am even getting the signs of a six pack as my abs are starting to show through. I feel energised and as horny as a teenager too..:)

Military Muscle FAQ

Who Makes Military Muscle?

The product is made by Mil-Tech Pharma, a dedicated supplement manufacture with offices in both the UK and US

Who Can Take Military Muscle?

The product is designed to be taken by any man aged between 18 and 80. It is also suitable to be taken by women

Can Women Really Take Military Muscle?

Yes, there is nothing in the formula that will harm women, they need testosterone too, just not as much as men. What Military Muscle will do is ensure that their production levels are at the optimum for their sex.
It will not force them to grow massive muscles, grow beards or get deeper voices. Those side effects are reserved for those who use anabolic steroids

Is Military Muscle Safe

Yes the all natural formula is free from any side effects. All I would say is that if you are on any long term medication that you discuss with your doctor before taking this or any other supplement

Can I Take Military Muscle While Competing?

Yes, the formula does not contain any banned substances and will not trigger any penalties if you are tested.

Do The Makers Ship Military Muscle Worldwide?

Yes with a few exceptions, the makers ship to all destinations worldwide, including daily shipments to Australia, Canada, Ireland, the US, UK, Europe and Asia

Is My Purchase Of Military Muscle Guaranteed?

Yes the makers provide a 90 day cash back guarantee on all orders

Does Military Muscle Contain Any Stimulants?

No, there is no stimulants whatsoever in the formula

Can I Use Military Muscle As A PCT Supplement?

Yes, the trouble with using anabolic steroids is that they stop your natural testosterone production in its tracks, Using a product like Military Muscle will help kickstart your natural hormone activity after a course of steroids

How Do I Take Military Muscle?

The Recommended daily serving is 6 capsules per day – take 2 just before each meal

Do I Have To Workout To Use Military Muscle?

It always helps to take it alongside regular exercise and a sensible diet, but you do not have to be a dedicated bodybuilder. as long as you get some exercise each day ( even walking) you will see plenty of benefits from taking Military Muscle

Is Military Muscle Suitable For Vegans?

Yes the product is supplied in plantcaps® There are no animal products used in the manufacture of the capsules making it 100% safe and suitable for vegans

Where To Buy Military Muscle In The UK

Official Military Muscle website
Official Military Muscle website

Buyers from the UK (and in fact anywhere in the world) can order direct from the official website ( Click Here ).

A months supply will cost you £53.45 – you can choose from drop down menu and pay in your preferred currency including $, EUR, CAD, AUD.

You can save up to 15% by ordering 2 or more bottles – a key benefit that sets them apart from many other manufactures is that they ship ALL orders worldwide for free

Guaranteed Results Or Your Cash Back

Military Muscle is sold with a full 90 day cash back guarantee, to qualify simply take the product as directed for 90 days, if after that period, you are unhappy with the results, you can send the empty bottles back for a full refund.

See website for full T&C’s

My Final Thoughts On Military Muscle

“I Really Know My Subject And Military Muscle Is The Real Deal”

I have been studying Testosterone boosters for over 10 years and I believe that after this time I really know my subject… The formula is the first thing I look at when I see any new product, as just one glance will tell me all I need to know about it and its potential 

I was so excited when i saw Military Muscle, its well formulated, delivers a powerful mix of proven ingredients and from my own experinece, it works really well.

I love it, I have just reordered 4 bottles and I recommend that if you are serious about boosting your muscle mass and strength, that you give this product a try – I do not believe for one minute that you will regret it..

Click Here To Go To Official Military Muscle Website

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