Lactigo Review – Where To Buy In Uk

Lactigo Review – Where To Buy In Uk

The Unique Gel That Stops Muscle aches And Cramps

If you have ever experienced muscle aches or cramping after a strenuous workout you will know first hand the painful effect Lactic acid can have on our lactigo_-_Google_Searchmuscles..

For the first time in the UK, there is a clinically proven gel that can actually stop the effects of lactic acid, halting its build up and allowing you to exercise for longer without feeling that unpleasant muscle fatigue..

Called LactiGo, it is a 100% natural WADA legal, approved topical sports endurance gel that eliminates the effects of lactic acid…

It has been in research and development for over 2 years and has been tried and tested by experienced sportspeople, olympians, bodybuilders as well as regular gym goers like you and me…. It is now available on general sale, so everybody can benefit from its effects..

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Whats In The Gel

Lactigo uses just two main ingredients.. Magnesium and Carnosine…. Studies have shown that as we exercise, the levels of Carnosine in our muscles reduce, allowing the build up of lactic acid…. by boosting the levels of Carnosine in the muscles, lactic acid release is prevented, leaving your muscles to feel refreshed, and allowing you to work out for longer, boosting results

How To Use Lactigo

Simply apply Lactigo to the area and rub in gently… its effects will be felt in around 30-40 minutes


Users Feedback

AS a newish product, independent feedback is still thin on the ground, but the makers have involved hundreds of athletes in the trials and their feedback has been astonishing..They all agree that Lactigo virtually eliminates the effects of lactic acid build up..

sample testimonials courtesy of Lactigo trials:






Are There Any Side Effects

There have been no adverse reports

Where To Buy Lactigo

You can order direct from the manufacturers website ( a pump containing 100ml ( a months supply) costs just £24.47 inc shipping…. here are some larger packages that offer even better value

Return Policy/Cash Back Guarantee 

The makers do accept returns but their actual refund policy is not made entirely clear on their website…

Our Thoughts

Lactic acid has been the bane of most athletes/bodybuilders lives… Lactigo is a unique product that has shown in trials to reduce that painful effect of lactic acid build up and prolong performance and ultimately results…. Its sensibly priced and even with the uncertainty of the cash back guarantee, its one that should be in every bodies gym bag..

One To Try!

You Can Order Your Supply Of Lactigo By Clicking Here

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