Kong Testosterone Booster Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Kong Testosterone Booster Review

Claiming To Be The Strongest, Legal Test Booster In The UK.. But Does ‘Kong’ Really Deliver?

Made by Matrix Nutrition, Kong Testosterone Booster is sold with a powerful claim of being the UK’s Strongest, Legal Testosterone Booster…..


Intrigued by this really bold claim.. we have given this product a thorough once over and here are our findings.

Formula in Kong Testosterone Booster

The ingredients are crucial to any products success or failure. Use the right ingredients in the right quantities and you are onto a winner.

The wrong ingredient mix, or not enough of the key ingredients in each dose and you will be left disappointed and out of pocket..

Kong is formulated with 4 proprietary blends:

Total Testosterone Amplification

Totalling 650mg, – containing undisclosed amounts of Mucuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek

Bioavailable Testosterone Enhancement

Totalling 255mg – containing undisclosed amounts of Divanil, Tongkat Ali, Boron, Utrica Dioica

Estrogen Inhibition

Totalling 300mg,- containing undisclosed amounts of Vitamin D3, Hesperidin, Resveratol

Anti Cortisol Matrix

Totalling 300mg – containing undisclosed amounts of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Reishi Mushroom

Directions For Taking Kong

Take 2 capsules each morning and another 2 just before working out

Take for 25 days and then rest for a further 7 before resuming..

logoUsers Feedback

The Official site has just one review – which was positive (as you would expect..).

We tend to favour more independent reviews anyway, and looking at one of Kong’s stockists – supplementcentre.com, the reviews are far more mixed.

Yes there are a few positive reviews, but these are equally matched by reviews from users who report absolutely no results whatsoever….

Where To Buy Kong Testosterone Booster

Currently you can only buy Kong from 2 sources. The afore mentioned Supplement centre and the official Matrix nutrition website.

You will pay £29.99 for a 25 day supply.

Any Guarantees

There is return policy but it only guarantees a refund for goods returned unopened within 14 days of purchase. There doesn’t seem to be any cash back guarantees for people who are unhappy with the results.

Our Thoughts

The manufacturers do make a pretty bold claim. We have to tell you.. as far as we are concerned this is nothing more than pure hype. 

Just one look at the formula will tell you (if you know anything about testosterone boosting) that there is very little substance to the mix. Sure it does contain some recognised T-boosters, but looking at the amounts of each blend or matrix will tell you that there is very little of anything in the mix.

Its also confusing… they put Vitamin D3 in the anti-estrogen blend and Utrica Dioca (nettle) in the Testostesone enhancement blend.

These products are mixed up.. Nettle is a proven anti estrogenic, it also helps control the testosterone diminishing effects of SHBG (when taken in the right amounts) and Vit D is one of the very few clinically proven T-boosting ingredients in the mix.

We know that it doesn’t matter at the end of the day, after all you are swallowing the ingredients together anyway – so they will do their job regardless..

It’s just that the makers seem rather misinformed about the various ingredients and what (if anything) they actually bring to the party.

Ashwagandha has been subjected to very limited human testing. It has in a few isolated cases produced very small improvements in testosterone production. But these do little more than to redress very low levels to baseline normal.

More worryingly are reports that it has in the past caused burning and itching along with redness and discolouration of the penis head in a few users..

Rhodiola has demonstrated slight anti estrogenic effects, and it can help reduce fatigue, but there is no clinical evidence that it actually boosts testosterone

The solid facts are that there are very few ingredients that do have any concrete clinical evidence behind them proving their ability to boost testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestris is one classic example… it can be found in around 80% of all T boosters, but it has failed time and time again in stringent medical trials to provide any boost in testosterone levels..

Underpowered And Poorly Formulated – May offer some libido support, but if muscle building is your aim – save your money and look elsewhere..

It can help with a sluggish libido – as can Tongkat Ali and Mucuna Pruriens so if that is your primary concern it could potentially offer some benefits. But as an actual testosterone booster we have major concerns..- To us it’s simply underpowered and poorly formulated.

There are ( in our opinion) far better supplements out there…. with this in mind and before you take the plunge and risk your hard earned money buying Kong. Why not check out our top rated T boosters page..

The products listed all (again- in our opinion) provide better (and fully disclosed) formulas…that deliver proven results.  They have a minimum 98% satisfaction rating with users and they all provide lengthy cash back guarantees that applies to open boxes too.

If you are unhappy after using the product as directed for a specified period of time, the manufacturers will all give you a full refund.

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