Infinite Labs Pro Z Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Infinite Labs Pro Z Review

Can Pro Z Really Boost Testosterone While You Sleep?

Established manufacturers Infinite Labs make a rather useful looking testosterone booster called Pro Z….

Claiming to help you get better sleep and at the same time boost hormone production enabling you to recover quicker and maintain hard earned muscle strength and mass while you sleep…

We have checked this product out and our findings are below:

Whats In Infinite Labs Pro Z 

The formula is one that is fully disclosed…. basically it contains the ingredients that make up the popular ZMA combination as detailed:

Magnesium 450mg – Contributes to normal muscle function

Zinc 30mg – Helps maintain testosterone levels

Vitamin B6 10.5mg – regulates hormone activity

Directions For Taking Infinite Labs Pro Z 

Take 3 capsules daily before bedtime ( preferaby on an empty stomach if possible)

Users Feedback

On bodybuilding[dot]com (the main online stockist) there are just a handful of positive reviews, guys report that they get better sleep, feel more rested, and are generally better placed to get through the day..

Any Reported Side Effects

One guy did talk about having weird dreams while on this product, but there is no real adverse reactions being reported

Where To Buy Infinite Labs Pro Z 

The aforementioned Bodybuilding{dot}com do appear to be the main supplier in the UK… here a bottle contain 90 capsules ( a months supply) will cost you just £7.88 plus (in some cases)shipping charges..

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

There are no guarantees offered… mind you the low sale price makes this product a risk free, almost “throw away” option

Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that the ZMA combination of Magnesium, Zinc and Vit B6 can offer some benefits to any body wanting to maintain their testosterone levels, and there are literally hundreds of ZMA based products out there to choose from…That said – If you do want a ZMA supplement, this one is pretty good….

For Us… however good ZMA is at maintaining testosterone levels.. on its own it just doesn’t go far enough in actually boosting testosterone levels to any real effect…. to do this , you really need to couple ZMA with ingredients like D-Aspartic acid, Vit D3, along with ingredients like Boron, Luteolin and similar….

Many of our top rated Testosterone boosters use the ZMA mix alongside these and other proven testosterone boosting compounds…

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