How To Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

How To Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

 Natural Testosterone Levels

The normal testosterone levels in the bloodstream for a healthy person should be between 300 to 1000 Nano grams per deciliter of blood (ng.dl).  Though this varies from person to person it does also depend on age and the level of physical activity.

Once a man reaches 40 and over, his testosterone level begins to decline, you can lose up to 1% every year.

This can have a detrimental effect on the mans sex drive as well as his ability to increase muscle mass.

Boosting the body’s testosterone levels is even more important for bodybuilders. Increasing your overall muscle mass and bulk is reliant on the correct hormone levels which means the right workout combined with a good diet.

By following these tips you can naturally boost your testosterone levels;

Do 10 Reps For Every Set

The usual rep (repetitions) in a workout is 5 -8  reps for each set and a rest period of up to 3 minutes.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that those bodybuilders who when doing their resistance training performed 10-12 reps instead of 5-8 and only had a minute’s rest between sets had a greater production of testosterone and growth hormone, meaning they produced muscle mass quicker and easier than those doing 5-8 reps.

Rest Less

Longer rest periods have been shown to have a powerful impact on the production of testosterone in the body. Shorter rest intervals increase the body’s metabolic rate, which triggers a spike of testosterone.

Body builders who allow their rest periods to be longer than three minutes are promoting a slow release of testosterone and growth hormone. This in turn could slow down muscle growth.

Eat More Protein – But Not Too Much

Protein is invaluable to bodybuilders, they need to take on board sufficient levels of protein either in their diet or in protein drinks. They (proteins however) need sufficient levels of testosterone to be processed efficiently. The concern is that if you eat too much protein, the excess will be broken down and stored as body fat which can reduce testosterone production.

This is why bodybuilders need to get the balance just right, to take in enough to promote lean muscle mass and maintain testosterone production.

Carbohydrates in particular boost the production of insulin, this anabolic hormone is vital for successful body building. A well-balanced diet with adequate protein and carbohydrates in moderation will pave the way for a strong and healthy muscle gain.

Testosterone Boosters

Alongside a good diet and the correct weight training program, a natural testosterone booster makes an excellent supplement to any body builders training. It can increase your body’s supply of testosterone naturally and safely, without putting you at risk of any of the side effects and adverse reactions that are linked to some steroid and hormone treatments.

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