GAT Nitraflex Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

GAT Nitraflex Review

Does Gat Nitraflex Really Boost Both Testosterone and Energy???

The makers of Nitraflex, GAT have sold an estimated 1 million bottles in 3 years…  There is no doubt this a very popular product.. Formulated to increase energy and boost testosterone levels, this natural Preworkout Supplement and T-booster sounds like the real deal..

We couldn’t let this one slip through the net and these are our findings..81ycs1As6XL._SL1500_-245x300

The Claims

Nitraflex is said to be:

  • The Worlds Most Potent Pre-Workout Formula
  • Enhances Testosterone Production
  • Provides Explosive Pumps
  • Creatine Free – Will Not Cause Bloating Or Water Retention

This one has been developed for the more experienced bodybuilder – ideal if you have a plateau in your workout.

What’s In The Formula

There are three proprietary blends – totalling 7365mg per serving

They include a huge mix of amino acids, together with a mix of natural stimulants, plus an extract of boron

See Bottle Label:


Consumer Feedback

There are mixed reviews on this one..  some reporting positive reports on energy levels, recovery and pumps

Some users, it has to said, say the opposite – finding no positive results at all and even talk about unpleasant issues, energy crashes and side effects..

Amazon sold a large of amount of this supplement to guys who found they had been sent products that were out of date..  This may be an amazon problem only, but keep an eye on it if you buy this supplement.

sample reviews courtesy of amazon


Side Effects

Reports of headaches, sickness and some users have reported a noticeable energy crash..  one user told us he nearly ended up in ER after taking this supplement (there is NO proof that Nitraflex was to blame)

Where To Buy

Almost all online stores stock Nitraflex – Amazon, GNC,  You can expect to pay between £17 ($26) and the suggested selling price of $62.99 for a tube containing 30 servings..

Cash Back Guarantees

Unfortunately there are none provided

Our Verdict

It is always a worry when a product claims to multitask..  working on two areas can be a tall ask.. For a good boost to energy (for instance) we would expect to take a dedicated pre workout supplement, for boosting testosterone, taking a good t-booster is vital..  You really do need to make sure that the product contains enough of the right ingredients to do what you need it to do.

Dual purpose products can, sometimes, just simply not have enough of main ingredients to actually work efficiently.

Calcium Fructoborate is a form of Boron, in trials has shown some good increases in testosterone levels – with Nitraflex, we cannot get the true picture as they makers do not state how much is in the mix..  we simply cant say whether it will have any real effect.

Amino acids are definitely a good energy booster..  again the makers do not give us the actual amounts..

We have to say we do have concerns about one ingredient..  Raulwolscine, a source of Yohimbine is actually banned in some countries, it is technically allowed in the US, but is on the FDA’s list of dangerous ingredients..  Taking this ingredient could have a serious effect on your health..

Recorded side effects of yohimbine include:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Dizzyness
  • Arrhythimia (Irregular Heart Rate)
  • Panic Attacks
  • Renal Failure

We cannot recommend Nitraflex for this reason, it is a popular supplement thats for sure, but one, we feel, is not worth risking your health for..

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