Exercises That Boost Testosterone

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Testosterone Increasing Exercises

To get the best out of your body building, you need to enhance your natural level of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is the hormone which is essential for the healthy development of lean muscle and strength. Lack of this important hormone will only set your bodybuilding back as the weight training relies on a hefty supply of testosterone.

Many people are searching for ways of increasing their testosterone levels, anabolic steroids being one of them, but this is a notoriously risky and harmful way of doing so.

There is only one safe way of doing this and that is to use a natural Testosterone Boosting supplement.

Specific exercises also have a profound effect on the levels of testosterone. Such exercises include:

Compound Exercises

Compound Exercises work more than one muscle group and work on several joints, increasing the muscle bulk and improving your testosterone levels. The more frequently you perform compound exercises the faster you will see results. Compound exercises such as Bench presses, back rows, dead lifts, close grip bench presses and squats are excellent examples of exercises proven to increase the testosterone production and build muscle more effectively.

Lift Heavier Weights

Although lifting light weights help to increase endurance of your muscle, they will not do much to boost your testosterone levels. The best way to release and boost your production of testosterone is to lift heavier weights but do fewer reps; for example between four and six reps. This will reduce the amount of estrogen produced and kick start the secretion of the testosterone in the body.

Concentrate On Cardio

One way to naturally increase your production of testosterone in the body is to lose weight. Any excess weight will encourage the production of estrogen at the expense of testosterone.  Estrogen the female hormone can impede the production of testosterone, which allows the body to accumulate fatty deposits instead of breaking down. Cardiovascular exercise such as swimming, rowing, biking and running can help to maintain your weight and increase your testosterone levels. You should aim to do between 45 minutes to an hour every week.

Olympic Lifts

Olympic lifts is the ultimate in all weightlifting workouts. Focus on all different variations of snatch and cleans which will help to release the crucial growth hormones and testosterone in the body. Also improve your form by including the more traditional weightlifting exercises such as upright row, front squats, dead-lifts and push press exercises to help you with your Olympic lifts.

These exercises combined with a natural testosterone enhancing supplement can have some truly amazing results, often in a very small period of time.

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