Driven Sports Triazole Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Does Triazole Work

Respected sports nutrition company  Driven Sports make a natural Testosterone Booster called Triazole

Claimed to be an excellent Test booster that at the same time inhibits estrogen production.

Natural Formula

Triazole uses a natural formula that is made up with:

Zinc 5mg – Many bodily functions including taste, smell, sexual health, healing and metabolic processes rely in part on Zinc.


Triazole Proprietary Blend 750mg made up as follows:

  • pZole (Brassaiopsis Glomerulata) – natural aromatase inhibitor
  • Maca Root – Known to help boost sex drive and help boost semen quality
  • Cape – A natural  SERM that displaces estrogen from estrogen receptors
  • Curcumin– Believed to have anti-inflammatory properties along with an anti-oxidant action
  • Bioperine – Natural fruit extract that is supposed to help the absorption of the ingredients

The actual quantities of each ingredient is unknown

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How To Take

2-4 capsules a day, half morning and half evening

Users feedback

Triazole has had many reviews, and we have to say most are pretty positive, with many users reporting improvements in strength, recovery and for some – muscle bulk.

If there were any issues with the product, it was more on the amount received for your money – following the maximum dose only gives buyers a 22 day supply which can make Triazole expensive if you are looking for longer term supplementation.

Any Side Effects

Aside from the short dosing and therefore higher cost (which only affects your wallet), there are a few isolated reports of increased acne, aching joints and one user reported some hair loss after using Triazole.

Where To Buy

Available from various suppliers, Prices range from £32.00 to £56.00 for 90 tablets

Monster (£39.99) and Amazon (£32.50) offer best value

Any Guarantees

None Provided By Manufacturer

Our Thoughts

There is no getting away from the fact that Triazole is a good product, most users report good things after using it and we do have no hesitation in recommending it as one to definitely try.

Triazole would be a contender for our Top Three Test Booster List if the manufacturer was more open about the quantity of each ingredient per dose and actually gave you a full month’s course for your money.

Is There Anything Better Than Triazole

We think so… check out our list of top three testosterone boosters and see what products deliver on promises, price and results.

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