Does Having Sex Boost Testosterone Levels?

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Does Having Sex Boost Testosterone Levels?

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Sex – To Have It Or Not When Trying To Boost Testosterone.

Testosterone is the key male hormone, it drives our masculinity, fertility and sex drive. The driving force behind our libido, its what makes us sit up and notice that fit girl at the gym, or behind the counter at the local store.

Ancient chinese philosophers believed that our testosterone levels were dependant on the amount of sex we had. During periods of abstinence, our hormone levels increased noticeably, and when we did manage to ‘get lucky’ the level of testosterone in the blood quickly dropped after ejaculation.

testosterone and sex drive

Clinical research shows that semen itself contains an androgen known as dehydropiandosterone. This is a direct precursor to testosterone production, so based on this fact, the ancient beliefs could in fact be true.

But Does Having Sex Reduce Testosterone Levels?

Clinicians in the US, realised that most studies that had looked into this fact were based in clinical laboratories. Believing that the clinical nature of the tests could in fact be affecting the results, the scientists took a group of 44 men out to a sex club. 

Arriving at 11pm and staying in the club for just over 3 hours. Some 25 of the group ended up watching sex acts, and 18 were actually invited to take part. 

The study recorded that all men saw a steep increase in testosterone levels. An average of 36% but the men who actually took part in sex acts saw their levels rise by around 72%.

Other studies have shown similar results, when examining testosterone levels in heterosexual couples. On nights that they had sex, their baseline testosterone levels rose sharply. On nights when they didn’t have sex, their T levels stayed the same.

This showed that having sex with your partner increases testosterone levels in both sexes.

Sex Can Also Help Older Guys Keep Their Testosterone

Its a common misconception that testosterone diminishes purely with age. One study showed that this isn’t always the truth.

The Journal of Gerontology discovered that men aged 60 and over who still had regular sex had noticeably increased levels of testosterone. On the flip side, men that drank more than 4oz of ethanol ( the key alcoholic compound in booze) each day were less likely to have sex.

Basically if you are an older guy who wants to keep his testosterone levels up, you need to cut out the drink and have more sex!.

What About Masturbation?

When talking about sexual release and testosterone, we have to cover the subject of self indulgence (yes masturbation!). – After all it all leads to the same thing – ejaculation.

Research shows that avoiding masturbation for 3 weeks can help boost your testosterone levels. One research paper followed a group of men who agreed to refrain from any type of self pleasuring for 3 weeks. Their blood was checked before and after the test period and the results did show that overall testosterone levels were increased in the short term.

In Japan, another study followed 28 men who abstained from any form of sexual release for just 7 days. Over the first 3-5 days there were no significant changes in their testosterone levels. But on day 7 the results were staggering. The average result showed an amazing increase in testosterone of over 145%. 

This increase was short lived and returned back down to baseline levels after just 2 or 3 days. What this did show that there appears to be a sweet spot of about a week. Where after abstaining from sex for 7 days, testosterone levels rise dramatically before slowly returning to normal levels.

To Sum Up

  • Sex is not only enjoyable, it also causes increases in testosterone in the short term.
  • Having actual sex is more effective at boosting T levels than masturbation
  • Abstaining from sex can also boost anabolic hormone levels, 1-3 weeks seems to be the most effective time before levels decrease back to baseline.
  • Long term abstinence from any form of sexual release could actually decrease testosterone levels.

Natural T-Boosters

Aside from regular sexual contact, you can help maintain your testosterone levels by taking a good natural T booster. These supplements have been scientifically developed to help promote and encourage your body to produce more of your natural testosterone. 

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