Diesel Test Hardcore Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Does Diesel Test Hardcore Work

Diesel Test Hardcore is a testosterone supplement made by Get Diesel Nutrition.

Often referred to as one of the strongest natural testosterone boosters available today, but does it actually work?? What makes it an effective choice?? What ingredients does it use and is it safe to use?

Diesel Test Hardcore has been formulated to naturally increase testosterone levels, at the same time controlling oestrogen, cortisol, prolactin and DHT production.

The makers claim that it will outperform any other herbal ‘testo’ boosting product.

Ingredients In Diesel Test Hardcore

The formula is a large proprietary mix of natural ingredients, To Be honest,  our first thought is that the makers have literally taken everything that they can get their hands on and thrown it into the mix..

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The makers claim that the formula doubles as an effective libido booster that enhances semen production and improves erections.Our only issue with this is that there is no way of finding out just how much of each ingredient goes to making up the dose, the makers are very vague about actual strengths of each seperate ingredient.

How To Take Diesel Test Hardcore

Get Diesel Nutrition suggest three different ways to take Diesel Test Hardcore.

How you use it will depend on your intended use for the supplement:

  • Increased Testosterone and muscle mass – 2-6 tablets per day
  • Improved Libido and semen volume – 1-3 tablets per day
  • Increased sexual performance 1-2 tablets before sexual activity


The general feeling is that Diesel Test Hardcore is a powerful supplement that delivers increased strength, muscle mass and improved Libido – It is not the cheapest supplement out there but certainly one of the most effective

Side Effects

Diesel Test Hardcore has a reputation for increasing aggression, shortening tempers and bringing on acne.

Any Guarantees

None offered by manufacturer, buyers should get usual consumer protection especially when buying from UK sources

Where To Buy Diesel Test Hardcore

Available from many online supplement retailers

Prices vary from £45.99 to £79.99

Best Buy seems to be cheapuksupplements.com at £45.99


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