Can Testosterone Boosters Boost Erections

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

Can Testosterone Boosters Boost Erections

Testosterone and Libido – The Facts

Testosterone (T) is the key male hormone, it essentially what makes you the man you are. From puberty onwards, it changes you from that shy little boy into a strong assertive and confident man.

It is also the key component in your sex drive and fertility, responsible for the development of your sexual organs, throughout your life it regulates your sexual responses, along with your fertility.

With age comes a slow but steady reduction in T production. Experts tell us that from about the age of 35 our testosterone production reduces by about 1-2% per year. By the time we reach our mid forties, we can have up to 25% less T and as we go into our 50’s and beyond, we can end up with less than half the testosterone that we had in our twenties.

As testosterone naturally reduces, we often start to experience things like reduced sex drive, weaker erections, alongside increase body fat and lack of energy.  Theses are some of the key problems faced by men with reduced testosterone.

Can Boosting Testosterone Increase My Sex Drive?

Low T is one of the main factors in reduced sex drive. 

Studies have shown that there is a very close relationship between sexual function, moods, performance and testosterone levels –

Read Study Here – 

The overwhelming verdict is that boosting your testosterone production, will definitely improve things in the bedroom

Boosting T Levels To Improve Sex Drive And Performance

The Journal Of Sexual Medicine recently published a study that followed 22 men who averaged 58 years old and who had problems with reduced libido and weak erections. 

They were each given T boosting supplements for 6-8 weeks. 24 weeks after the test period finished they were asked to describe and report on their sexual appetite. 

The experts recording the results using an established scoring system called the International index of erectile function. 

The results were staggering, virtually all the men reported dramatic improvements in their sexual function, desire and erectile capability with many recording increases of over 50%.

The fact that T also had a noticeable effect on erection quality and longevity, the physical aspect of sexual desire is particularly interesting as improving moods and desire is one thing. But actually helping you to be physically “ready” for sexual activity is something that will help millions of men worldwide .

The study clearly demonstrated that there is a strong link between T levels and erection function –

Read Study Here

Boosting Testosterone Levels Naturally

The risks and potential health problems linked to drug based or synthetic testosterone therapy are well documented. This the main reason why so many men across the globe have turned to natural testosterone supplements to help them regain their youthful energy and sex drive.

A good natural T boosting supplement will contain a scientifically blended mix of proven minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts. These work in your body at hormonal level to encourage and promote the production of your own natural testosterone

As the T produced is your own natural genetic hormone you will not experience any side effects or health problems associated with drugs and treatments that introduce man made or foreign testosterone into your body.

One product that we suggest is Testofuel, an exhaustively researched and stringently tested all natural T booster. It is suitable for men of all ages and will help you to:

  • Regain Your youthful sex drive and responses
  • Boost muscle tone, mass and strength
  • Improve moods and sleep quality
  • Reduce excess body fat


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