Can Nootropics Improve My Workout?

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

Can Nootropics Improve My Workout?

You’ve probably heard at least a little bit of hype surrounding nootropics – the smart little pills that influence the brains neurotransmitters to give you extreme mental edge.

You may have even heard of or seen the film ‘Limitless’ staring Bradley Cooper and a little red pill that gave him amazing brain powers..Well that was Hollywood, but the facts are that nootropics are an effective way of boosting all things cerebral…

Think flying through tough tasks, remembering things more easily than before and clearing that mental ‘fog’ that can hit when we get tired or stressed, and you’re halfway there.13255963_1615817542072838_9071613388110517793_n

But have you ever thought about using nootropics to improve your game in the gym?

It might not sounds obvious, but think about it – your body can’t be in the zone if your brain isn’t, and everyone knows that lack of motivation is they key reason our gym regimes tend to fall by the wayside and we don’t reach the results we’re looking for.

Nootropics work their magic by crossing the blood-brain barrier and influencing the amount of key neurotransmitters the brain creates. Why is this so important? Because neurotransmitters are responsible for a range of brain-related things including intelligence, thought clarity, moods and happiness levels.

But more importantly, they also impact energy levels, focus and motivation – all of which are essential to a goal-smashing workout.

Here are three examples of crucial, natural nootropics that can help you target, focus and smash those goals:

Cognizin Citicoline

This influences the mitochondria in the brain and supports levels of serotonin, acetylcholine and dopamine to create higher, sustained motivation levels throughout the day.

Lions Mane

A natural mushroom extract, Lions mane has been heavily studied and has proven itself beyond any doubt for its ability to help boost cognitive function and reduce cellular damage caused by everyday toxins…. Its benefits help support motivation levels and focus, as well as our ability to learn and think in a logical way.


By supporting the process of neurogenesis, ( the process of maintaining and generating neurons), Phosphatidylserine works to improve motivation, mood, memory, physical performance and alertness.

So in short, yes – nootropics can boost your workout! But only if you choose the right one for you. The vast majority of nootropics are safe to use, but it’s worth doing your research to find the best nootropic for your needs.

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