BSN Axis-HT Review UK

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Does BSN Axis-HT Work

Axis-Ht is a testosterone supplement made by BSN, the maker’s claim that it helps to boost your natural production of testosterone enhancing both muscle growth and sex drive.

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Ingredients In Axis-HT

BSN Axis-HT uses a proprietary mix of natural ingredients, grouped into two complexes.

The first complex is aimed at triggering the production of testosterone, ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris which (according to the makers) increases the number of lutenizing hormones in the body which in turn promotes additional testosterone production.

The second complex uses naturally occurring growth improving ingredients that will (we understand) increase healthy muscle cell growth.

Ingredients include Safed Musli, Eurycoma Longifolia and Coleus Forskohlii that are thought to boost sex drive and performance.

Customer Feedback

Reviews are mixed, for every positive review there is another that simply states ‘no effect’, or ‘it doesn’t work’ so the jury is well and truly out with this product.

The fact that the makers offer no actual information on the ingredients and in particular the actual amount of each ingredient per dose concerns us, users actually have no real idea as to what they are taking.

The price is discussed a lot as well, with costs ranging from £40 – £60 for a months supply, its not cheap…

Any Side Effects

The only common problem reported is the distinct lack of results…

Any Guarantees

The makers do give a guarantee but it only applies to unopened packs, so if you actually try the product and are dissatisfied you are out of luck – wave your cash goodbye!!

Where To Buy

Available from various online supplement retailers

Our Thoughts On Axis-HT

Over Priced And Over Hyped

Give this one a miss, its over priced, and in our opinion – over hyped; if you are serious about boosting your testosterone levels and muscle mass, why not check out our page on the top three testosterone boosters currently available here in the UK

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Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by C Bunt on Axis-HT
Very Unhappy

Overall: I WOULD NOT recommend this product for the lack of effectiveness and the high cost. I feel you can get a better product for the high price.

This is my first bad review of a product that I have tried. I would like to clarify that I buy two of almost every product that I try, including this one so that the proper time and stabilization of the product can be given. I ran two bottles for 2 months using the proper servings and cycles.

Cost: This product is extremely high for what you get. I paid roughly £45 for a one month supply.

Effectiveness: During use I didn't notice any serious effects from it. BSN it claims it will increase "size, strength, hardness, libido" I didn't receive any of these from this product. I did have gains and better pumps but I do not constitute of those to this product. I did get more vascularity while taking this product. Side effects which were to be expected from any test booster were oily skin and irritability.

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