Boss Workouts Lean Mass Review 

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

Boss Workouts Lean Mass Review 

Boss Workouts Lean Mass Fitness Program: The Facts

Say hello to the latest kick ass workout on the block!!.

Developed by renowned leading ‘fitness expert to the stars’ Jason Sani, the Lean Mass Program is a nutrition and muscle building-based program that claims to be the secret to ‘completely transforming your body in just 12 short weeks’. Sounds impressive, huh?

Comprising exclusive training videos and an expert diet and nutrition plan, Lean Mass promises to help you build professional-grade muscle mass to leave you leaner, stronger and more powerful than ever before.

Boss Workouts Lean Mass also promises:

  • Little to no fat gain – just sheer muscle mass
  • Development of a powerful musical frame thanks to world-class professional fitness training
  • Progressive improvements in strength so you can lift more and see even better results
  • Bulking up across the back, arms and legs
  • Continual improvements in strength, power and physique over time.


So How Does It Work?

How Boss Workouts Lean Mass works

This program combines two unique phases, strength programming and high volume and hypertrophy workouts. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Phase one – this focuses of upping your overall strength levels, focusing on squats, bench presses and deadlifts, as these are proven to help bodybuilders add serious muscle mass in short amounts of time. Not only this, but these compound lifts also target several important muscle groups in one hit, make supporting tissue more robust and trigger the release of HGH, the building block to all muscle mass. No other exercises are capable of hitting all these areas simultaneously. This phase combines fast, powerful motions with slower, more controlled ones for maximum impact.

Phase two – the second part of the equation sees the focus shift to light weight, high volume exercises that triggers muscle hypertrophy (the breaking down and subsequent development of new muscle fibre). Jason recommends giving intense squeezes at the top of each movement – conducted correctly, these exercises claim to help you perfectly balance strength, size and shape.

If these feel tough, they should – these exercises are designed to take you to the point of failure in the last two sets, as it’s only at this point that the body can repair and add the muscle fibers needed to up muscle mass.

This program also includes detailed diet plans for all lifestyle choices, complemented by a weekly journal to help you monitor activity and results.

Boss workouts Lean Mass cost

We know you’re probably thinking ‘this sounds good, what’s the damage?’ Well, wonder no longer!

This program is great value for money – enrolling in Boss Workouts Lean Mass involves a single one-off payment of $ 90.00 (£66.50). This is really affordable when compared to a string of personal training sessions (these can start at about £25 per hour!) !

This one off payment covers unlimited, lifetime access to the program’s exclusive content on any device, wherever you are in the world.

You Can Join The Boss Workouts Lean Mass Program By Clicking Here.

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