Boss Workouts Boss Shred Review 

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Boss Workouts Boss Shred Review 

Transform Your Body In Just 90 Days With The Boss Shred Workout Program

Looking to burn fat and build toned muscle for a professional bodybuilder look? New kid on the block Boss Workouts Boss Shred claims to have just the ticket to help you reach your fitness goals.

Developed by lauded fitness aficionado Jason Sani, Boss Workouts Boss Shred is an all-encompassing 12-week fat shedding program that helps you achieve:

  • Elite-level low body fat percentages over the long-term for that ripped look, year after year
  • Insanely toned, professional-grade arms, abs, back and legs for the ultimate shredded physique
  • Quickly achieve transformative improvements in physique in just 12 weeks
  • Minimal fat gain 
  • A constant improvement process whereby your results improve over the duration of the program
  • Fat loss and shredding without feeling hungry or endlessly pounding the treadmill.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works…

How Boss Workouts Shred Works

Boss Shred uses a three-pronged approach to:

  1. Improve your resting metabolic rate
  2. Make your body more efficient at using food and increasing insulin sensitivity
  3. Increase the metabolism for as much as 36 hours after exercise for supercharged results.

This program combines expert-designed exercise regimes with tailored diet plans and a journal for maximum results in short periods of time. It involves two-phase exercise cycles that gradually up in intensity – these include four workouts each that are repeated for a week each in order to tip the body into serious fat burning mode.

Phase one – focuses on High Intensity Resistance training (HIRT), which is notorious for driving fat loss. These short, intense bursts of challenging exercises are designed to quickly push your body to its limit repeatedly, and as such are renowned for their ability to bust stubborn fat.

Phase two this phase concentrates on giving all the body’s muscles a tough workout to up the metabolism and support the body’s natural fat burning processes. These exercises hone in on the fast twitch muscle fibers that pay an important role in intense activities like sprinting, and help up Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Why is this important? Because it ensures the metabolism stays sky high for up to 36 hours after exercising. Result!

These are complemented by focus days that concentrate on toning and endurance exercises – here you’re trained to squeeze the muscle to help you develop a balanced physique. Finally, there are extra days of ultra high intensity training if you’re looking to boost results quickly – we wouldn’t recommend these until you’ve completed at least two weeks on the program, though.

Boss Workouts Boss Shred Cost

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: money matters. Getting involved in the Boss Shred program involves a one-off payment of £66.50 ($90.00).

This includes a lifetimes unlimited access to the program’s expert-devised content across any device whenever you need it – miles cheaper than similar programs and much more flexible than a swanky gym membership or one-on-one personal training sessions.

Sign Up To Boss Workouts ‘Shred’ Here.

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