Boditronics Testofen XT Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Does Boditronics Testofen XT Deliver The Goods??

Testofen Xt is a natural based testosterone booster made by Boditronics, it has been formulated to help the users body produce increased levels of boditronics-testofen_1testosterone which will help to improve strength, and ultimately increase muscle mass.

Natural Formula

Testofen XY follows the lead of many products and uses Fenugreek extract (Trigonella Foenum Greacum) standardised to 50% fenuside. Each capsule contains 300mg Testofen

How To Take

The recommended dosage is 3 tablets a day, two in the morning with water, and one in the evening (also with water)

The makers recommend that you take Testofen XT for at least 8 weeks to achieve maximum benefits.

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Clinical Trials

There was a recent study carried out in California, where 60 test subjects were split into two groups of 30. One half was given a daily dosage of 600mg Testofen, the other half a simple placebo pill. The results (after 8 weeks) did demonstrate a slight increase in testosterone production in the half taking the Testofen.

Users Feedback

Generally the feedback is average at best, Testofen Xt did not generate powerful gains in strength or muscle mass for any of the users interviewed, in fact the gains are minimal, nothing like the results generated by Tauro Test or Testo fuel.

Any Side Effects

Nothing major, a few reports of burping and a bad after taste in the mouth, and an increase in acne in some users.

Any Guarantees?

None Whatosever

Where To Buy

Available online from many stockists – prices generally range between £27.00 and £40.00

Best BuyAffordable Supplements sell for £27.99 with discounts for two or more bottles.

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Our Thoughts

Testofen XT is an ideal first testosterone booster, the results are nothing amazing, but could help generate some initial gains, not for more experienced body builders or those seeking maximum gains..

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