Battle Fuel Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

 Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel – Review


Battle Fuel is one of the range of supplements manufactured by Muscle Pharm

It is a naturally formulated supplement that claims to boost testosterone, lean muscle and improve performance.

Battle Fuel contains a massive list of proprietary ingredients – it looks to us like the makers have taken anything remotely linked to body building and thrown it all together..

How To Take Battle Fuel

6 tablets a day for 3 weeks approx 30 minutes before a workout and then a weeks break before starting again.

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Battle Fuel Results

Battle Fuel will (it is claimed) boost testosterone production, and at the same time control oestrogen production. It is also said to intensify aggression during workouts to boost lifting power.

Clinical Trials

We cannot find any information on any official testing involving this formulation

Consumer Feedback

Many reviews on forums are reasonably positive, the general thoughts are that this supplement definitely increased strength during workouts.

That said there are not many reviews however that support the claims of an actual increase in muscle bulk –

A common comment however was that 6 pills seems a lot to take at once…

Any Side Effects Caused?

To counteract the positive feedback above, there are some reports on some forums and discussion boards of some side effects to consider – these include;

  • Increased Aggression,
  • Acne,
  • Wind,
  • Bad After Taste,
  • Occasional Sickness And More Worryingly:
  • Racing Heart rate And Mood Swings – especially when coming off the tablets during the rest period.


There are no Guarantees offered by manufacturer, buyers should get general consumer protection depending on where they buy

Where To Buy Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel

Available at many on-line supplement stores – prices range from £ 29.99 to £43.00 for a 3 week supply.  e.g – Amazon sell Battle Fuel For £31.96

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Battle Fuel
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Rex Johnson on Battle Fuel
Not Good

Tried a months supply of battle fuel, all I got for my troubles was really bad wind, a terrible aftertaste and bad spots on my back - i wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy

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