Are Testosterone Nasal Sprays Safe?

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

Are Testosterone Nasal Sprays Safe?

Testosterone Nasal Sprays – The Facts

We all want to look and feel good, and all know the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly. What many of us do not know is the importance of maintaining a healthy hormone balance.

Of all male hormones, Testosterone is without doubt the most important, being responsible for virtually everything male. It controls our muscle mass, strength, sex drive, energy, moods, body fat, bone density. Even things like sleep quality, hair growth and our deeper voices.

As we start to get that little bit older (into our 30’s) our natural testosterone production begins to naturally decline, experts tell us by around 2% per year. This means that by the time we reach 50, our natural testosterone levels have reduced by around 40%. The symptoms caused by this natural age related reduction can have some far reaching health effects that include:

  • Reduced muscle tone and strength
  • Increased body fat – particularly around the stomach
  • Less energy and stamina
  • Poor moods and sleep quality
  • Increase risk of cognitive and vascular diseases


If you are suffering from very low testosterone, you could be diagnosed as having a condition called Hypogonadism by your doctor. If this is the case, they do have some drug based treatment options available to you.

One option are testosterone nasal sprays.

What Are Testosterone Nasal Sprays

Testosterone nasal sprays are a controlled man made synthetic medicine that is designed to reverse the decrease of testosterone and other androgen hormones caused by certain medical conditions or age. First approved in 2014, it is usually a yellowish,clear fluid that is slightly thicker than water.

The spray is applied into the nose by a squeezable pump, usually around 3 times a day into each nostril.

Testosterone nasal sprays are usually only prescribed by a doctor after a simple blood test that confirms low testosterone levels in the blood. 

The correct levels range between 300ng.dl and 1000ng.dl. 

When the levels drop below 300ng.dl the doctor will consider you to have low testosterone.

Do Testosterone Nasal Sprays Have Any Side Effects

When you have reduced testosterone, you doctor might prescribe you one of a number of testosterone nasal sprays. These are ONLY meant to be used by adult men. 

Severe side effects can occur when used by children including early onset of puberty and effected bone growth.

In females, using testosterone products can cause increased body hair, enlarged genitals and hair loss.

Common side effects found by men taking nasal sprays include:

  • Blocked, stuffy or runny nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Respiratory tract infections


More serious problems (that are usually caused by taking too much) can include:

  • Headaches
  • Disturbed vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Partial paralysis on one side
  • Seizures.


If you are taking  testosterone nasal sprays and experience any of the above, stop taking it immediately and see your doctor as quickly as possible.

Clinical Trials Involving Testosterone Nasal Sprays

The FDA in America released a report on clinical trials involving the use of testosterone nasal sprays. They confirmed the outcomes, safety and recommendations surrounding these products. The report made it clear that the small number of clinical trials do not fully reflect the side effects being reported in the real world.

You must not take testosterone nasal sprays if you are suffering from or are at risk of developing  prostate or breast cancers. 

Also you must avoid contact with women and children after using the spray in case the liquid comes into contact with their skin. This could cause them to have side effects brought on by transdermal passing of the gel into their own blood streams.

The FDA feels that the current research is lacking reliability. They actively warn against using testosterone nasal sprays as treatment against age related testosterone decline until such time as their safety are proved. (read their report here) –

The main landmark study used by the makers of the testosterone sprays was published in 2016. The trial involved 300 men who were given 3 doses of nasal testosterone daily over a 3 month period.

Some benefits were seen but further investigation into the way the study was carried out showed that it was poor executed. There were no control or placebo groups with which to compare results.

Testosterone Sprays need a lot more research and studies carried out before their true benefits and risks are fully understood.

Are There Better, Safer Options?

Without any doubt, the health risks of taking synthetic or drug based testosterone treatments are well documented. This is the reason why so many men have turned to natural testosterone boosting supplements.

Natural Testosterone Supplements are completely different in that they do not use man made synthetic of ‘foreign’ testosterone. Instead they are formulated with clinically proven vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts that encourage the bodies natural hormone system to increase production of its own testosterone. 

Because the testosterone being produced is your own genetic hormone, its very unlikely that your body will have any bad reactions. Instead of nasty side effects, you will simply experience the benefits associated with increased testosterone :

  • Improved muscle tone and strength
  • More energy and stamina
  • Better sex drive and performance
  • Reduced belly fat
  • Happier moods
  • Better sleep quality


Suitable for all men regardless of age. A good natural Testosterone booster can help the keen bodybuilder develop larger, stronger muscles in the gym.The slightly older man can regain some of his youthful vitality.

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