Are Anabolic Steroids Safe

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

Are Anabolic Steroids Safe?

The Real Dangers Of Taking Steroids

Its a well known belief that the fastest way to grow huge muscles is by using anabolic steroids, the body building industry as a whole is largely driven by muscle size and those who compete in open competitions where the prize money is far larger than those competitions that are purely for ‘natural’ body builders (those that do not use any steroids or artificial means of supplementation)know that its quite often the guy (or girl) with the largest muscles will eventually win.

Steroids are used to increase muscle size, and boost strength quite dramatically – they are usually administered by daily injections.

Should I Try Steroids

Many body builders who use anabolic steroids will tell you that there are no problems with them, many believe that if you take care with your injections, no harm will come to you and that the end results justify their use – there is no doubt that using steroid therapy can and will give you larger, stronger muscles in a far shorter period of time than building them naturally…BUT


The Facts Are Quite Simple

Steroids are dangerous –  even using them for just 10-12 weeks can cause:

  • Irreversible Liver Damage
  • Enlargement Of The Heart
  • Dramatic Increase In The Chance Of Heart Attacks and Stroke
  • Vision Problems
  • Shrunken Genitals
  • Gynecomastia AKA ‘Man Boobs’ or ‘Bitch Tits’
  • Baldness

Many of these will become permanent even if you stop using the steroids

Other less serious problems do include

  • Increased Acne
  • Increased Body Hair Growth.

Women body builders who use steroids face the same risks, along with some other life changing side effects:

  • Developing deeper voices
  • Growth of body and facial hair
  • Reduction of breast size
  • Clitoris growth ( There are well documented reports of some women actually gaining 1.5 inches in length so that it resembles a small penis)

What To Do

Its Simple – Do Not Take Anabolic Steroids – Anybody who tells you that they are safe are wrong; possibly misinformed and/or ignorant of the risks.

Go Natural

You can achieve excellent results with hard work and natural supplements, yes it may take a little bit longer, but you will not suffer any of the problems or side effects that have blighted so many bodybuilders lives – and whats more – They Will Not Kill You.

Choosing A Natural Supplement

There are a massive range of natural supplements, testosterone boosters and other products that can help you grow stronger, bigger muscles without risk.

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