Animal Test By Universal Nutrition

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Animal Test Review

Universal Nutrition are one of the best known companies in the sports nutrition industry, and when they release a product, in the main, you can image_24483_original_X_450_whitebet that its usually going to be good.

Animal Test is a naturally formulated testosterone booster that helps to build strength and encourage muscle growth.

The Formula In Animal Test

Universal have a reputation for throwing everything at a product, and the ingredient list is massive.

There is one ingredient that does catch the eye for the right reasons and that is Arachidonic Acid, this is thought to have numerous benefits to the hardened body builder, it has a reputation for being able to enhance androgen receptor sensitivity as well as increase muscle inflammation and hypertrophy.

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Arachidonic Acid is an essential fatty acid that works to trigger muscle growth.

animal-test-ingredientsIt is this ingredient alone that makes Animal Test one of the more ‘expensive per dose’ testosterone supplements currently available.

How To Take Animal Test

Once a day with food, preferably the meal before your workout. Take for 42 days and then take 4 weeks off before starting again

Customer Reviews and Thoughts

Most users report terrific results from using Animal Test, with many users reporting a dramatic increase in strength after a couple of weeks use.

The price is a problem for some – the pack only contains enough for half a cycle so if you want to use it as directed, you need to buy 2 packs per cycle

Any Side Effects

The reported Loss of libido seems to be a problem caused by using Animal Test, but this is not the main concern:.

The use of Yohimbe Bark is our main worry, this has been banned in some countries  because of well documented health risks

Not suitable for anybody with nut allergy

Any Guarantees

None from the manufacturers, normal consumer protection should apply depending on the retailer.

Where To Buy Animal Test

Available from many online stores, prices range from around £70 up to the RRP of £129.00 (21 days supply)

Best Buy

Specialist Supplement retailers Affordable Supplements sell Animal Test from their on-line store, currently it is on sale for £70.00

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Animal Test
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Simon Jarman on Animal Test
It Works But

Animal Test has worked for me, it is really expensive, but I have to say that my strength has increased over the past two months. There are some issues though - my libido has really dropped and i have become such an angry bastard that my girlfriend really hates me when i am on it. Will try something else next cycle

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