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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

PES AnaBeta Elite – Does It Work?

AnaBeta Elite is the latest offering from PES, an revised version of the original AnaBeta that offers (according to the manufacturers) improved pes_anabeta_elite_120capsulestestosterone production and gains in strength and muscle mass without any harsh side effects.

The idea behind AnaBeta Elite is to replicate the effects of harmful (and possibly) illegal anabolic steroid treatments.

The Formula

Like so many supplements, PES have formulated AnaBeta Elite with a 1625mg proprietary blend along with Pyrethrum extract and 95% Forskolin

It is the addition of Forskolin that makes the difference between the original AnaBeta and this new version.

Forskolin is (we understand) a potent cAMP upregulator that helps to increase natural steroidogenesis and is a key signalling molecule in both fat loss and muscle growth

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Clinical Studies

anabeta-elite-factsThere have been some clinical studies on Forskolin which have recorded some good results.

The remainder of the actual formula is unknown, we have actually no idea as to what is actually in the blend, and therefore what we are putting in our body.

Users Feedback

To be fair, the majority of feedback is positive, it seems however to mainly benefit those who are really aggressive in the gym, working out daily and intensively, it is (according to many forum posts), not for casual gym users or those who tend to just ‘play’ at bodybuilding.

Whether this is simply the fact that serious gym goers will see results anyway, where as those that don’t put the work in generally fail is a point to consider….

Any Side Effects

The only real side effect that we have found on a regular basis is a massive boost to appetite in many users and a reduction in your bank balance…

Any Guarantees ?

None offered by manufacturer – buyers should get regular consumer protection

Where To Buy

Available from many online sources – prices generally range between £42 and £55

Best Buy appears to be Amazon at £42.95

Our Thoughts On AnaBeta Elite

Over hyped and over priced – There are far better products out there that offer guaranteed results at similar cost

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Anabeta Elite
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by Brian James on Anabeta Elite

Did absolutely nothing for me... will never buy again - waste of money

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