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Alpha Wolf Force X7 : Is It Good Enough For Men In 2020?

force x7

  • Are you are looking for an all natural testosterone booster that contains powerful amount of clinically proven ingredients?
  • Want one that is free from any additives, or fillers?
  • Prefer to take a supplement that fully details and discloses its formula, with no ‘proprietary blend in sight.?

I am right with you on these questions, and this is why I am excited to tell you about an all natural testosterone booster that is very quickly becoming the product of choice for many men just like YOU!

Called Alpha Wolf Force X7 it is the result of one mans quest for excellence….

Here Is His story:

Robert Clark is a certified personal trainer, body composition and strength coach, and a keen nutrition researcher. 

When he hit the age of 40 he noticed that he was losing some of his hard earned muscle tone, strength and mass.  His libido was on the floor too.

robert clark force x7

Realising that he was experiencing the early onset of low testosterone, he set out to try and boost its production by taking a natural testosterone booster.

After trying a number of high profile products, he realised that he wasn’t seeing the results he expected and feeling frustrated and disappointed, set out on an extensive period of clinical research, studying and experimenting with various ingredients.

After approx 500 hours of intense research, he had compiled a list of ingredients that he believed would deliver some intense results. 

“Hence Alpha Wolf Force X7 was born!”

I have taken a good hard look at the formula, and have say, that its clear Robert has really done his homework and all those hours of research have paid off. 

This is one of the best formulas that I have ever come across.

Robert himself calls his blend of ingredients “A Critical Combination Of Crucial Vitamins and Minerals”

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The Formula In Alpha Wolf Force X7

Each and every ingredient is fully specified and disclosed, you know exactly what you are taking in each and every serving:

Image of Label:

force x7 ingredients

Looking at the ingredients in greater depth:

Vitamin B3 ( Niacin) 30mg

B3 is known to help stimulate the release of growth hormone, this is absolutely crucial to the increasing of muscle mass as well as reducing unwanted body fat. 

It is great at boosting good HDL Cholesterol while at the same time lowering the potentially harmful LDL (bad cholesterol).

HDL Cholesterol is key to the production of testosterone, without it, testosterone could not be produced.

Vitamin B6 2.5mg

Essential for memory, blood flow, energy levels and testosterone production. Working by promoting the production of androgens of which testosterone is a major player, it also helps to reduce prolactin which can actually cause testosterone production to reduce. Too much prolactin can be linked to the appearance of man boobs and excess belly fat.

Vitamin B12 (Methylcolbalamin) 0.25mg

An essential nutrient for the body, it helps protect our DNA and RNA, it supports energy levels, protects both brain and nerve cells.It also stimulates the production of seraotonin, helping to promote positive moods, support our immune function and help with red blood cell production.

Vitamin D3 25mcg (1000iu) 

One of the men testosterone producing ingredients, it has many health benefits including regulating bone health and strength, immune system and insulin levels, central nervous system, brain functions as well as boosting lung and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin D can be obtained by daily exposure to the sun – you need at least 20-30 minutes per day to achieve minimum requirements. 

Here in the UK, we do NOT get enough sun every day, which means that our levels can drop really easily. For us supplementing is really essential to ensure max testosterone production.

Zinc 15mg

One of life’s crucial minerals, also paramount to the maintenance of our testosterone production, fertility and our immune system. zinc deficiency can cause the aromatisation of testosterone into the female hormone estrogen, leading to lack of muscle mass, poor libido and increased body fat.

Magnesium 45mg

Essential for over 300 processes in the body, including male sex hormone production. If allowed to reduce in the body, it can cause major problems with many bodily functions.

Boron 10mg

A trace mineral that is absolutely crucial to human health. a proven testosterone booster, but only effective when taken in amounts that exceed 6mg, anything below this amount does not seem to provide any positive effects. On the flip side, doses of over 20mg could be harmful

The dosage found in Alpha Wolf Force X7 is at 10mg an excellent amount that has shown in studies to provide and increase in testosterone of 28% and a reduction in estrogen of 39%.

Ashwangandha (KSM-66) 500mg

Studies have shown that this herbal extract can boost testosterone production by up to 18%. It can help to reduce stress ( another testosterone killer), boost fat loss and help improve sleep.

It is also good at reducing bad LDL cholesterol, boosting levels of good cholesterol (HDL) which in turn has a positive effect on the testosterone producing effects of the testes.

Maca 250mg

Maca does not have any direct testosterone boosting benefits itself , but what it can do is to help elevate virility, sexual function, moods, metabolism and sleep quality – all direct precursors to optimum testosterone production.

Panax Ginseng 200mg

Proven to help boost testosterone production, increase blood flow, erection quality, overall wellbeing and promote calmness. It can also reduce inflammation, DNA damage and cellular oxidation.

Shilajit 200mg

Human studies have shown that this black tar like substance ( its actually made from plant residue) can boost testosterone levels in men by up to 23.5%

Longjack (Tongkat Ali) 100mg

Another proven libido booster, it has also been tested on humans ( not rats) and has demonstrated increases in testosterone of between 37% and 46% in various studies. 

It is also good at lowering the level of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in the blood which is responsible for binding itself to testosterone, rendering it ineffective in the body.

Bioperine ( Black pepper extract) 5mg.

Has no direct testosterone boosting effects itself, but what it does is increase the bioavailability and therefore the effectiveness of the other key ingredients in the formula.

Here I Show You The Bottle And Capsules

How To Take Alpha Wolf Force X7

The suggested daily dose is 3 capsules taken with a glass of water before breakfast every day.

There is no need to cycle, this supplement can be taken for as long as required without any ill effects.

What Do Users Say About Alpha Wolf Force X7

Simply put, they love it!!! men of all ages report great improvements in muscle tone, energy levels, strength, and libido. Reduced belly fat and improved moods are also an added benefit

WBC Champion Boxer Jimmy Williams Shares His Thoughts On Alpha Wolf Force X7:

Other sample user testimonials:

force x7 t-booster reviews

Reported Side Effects?

There are no reports of any adverse reactions or side effects.

Point To Note – If you are on any long term medication, its always best to double check with your doctor before taking this or any supplement.

Where To Buy Alpha Wolf Force X7 In The UK

alpha wolf website uk

You can buy your supply of Alpha Wolf Force X7 direct from the official website, here a months supply will cost you $49.95 which works out at £38.62..

its also available from Amazon*

Orders are shipped quickly and securely to buyers worldwide. 

You can save money by buying 3 bottles and getting a 4th FREE.

Save 10% – I have negotiated a special discount code for use by anybody coming from this website. To claim your discount, simply click the link below and type TESTO10 into the box at checkout, your saving will be applied automatically.

Cash Back Guarantee

*Buying direct from the official website only (not from amazon) will qualify you for the manufacturers official 110% cash back guarantee – 

Simply buy and take for 30 days, if you are unhappy, simply return the empty bottle and the manufacturers will refund your full purchase price pus an extra 10% for your trouble.

Final Thoughts

What more can I say about Alpha Wolf Force X7?

It has to be the most researched and developed t-booster out there.. 

I like the fact that Robert, in his quest for perfection, hasn’t simply followed the lead of most other products and instead has gone with scientific facts to develop what is an excellent formula.

Its suitable for men of all ages, keen gym goers who are looking to build huge muscles and insane strength, and the older man who is feeling the effects of low T and is looking to rekindle some of his youthful vitality.

The fact that they will affectively ‘pay you 10% for your trouble’ should you be unhappy with the results speaks volume for the belief that Robert and his team have in their product.

Quite frankly you have nothing to lose, and a hell of a lot to gain by taking Alpha Wolf Force X7.

If you are in the market for an effective natural t-booster, its certainly one that you should be trying.

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Force X7
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Steve Fox on Force X7
First Class

Been taking Force X7 for 2 months now, what can I say - I was rather sceptical before I started, but I have visibly increased my muscle size and strength - Also my erections and staying power are amazing. If you are in any doubt - get over it and give Force X7 a try - I don't think that you will regret it!

Hi Steve - Thanks for your comments, I couldn't agree more, Force X7 is an amazing product that really does deliver on its claims. Best wishes Paul

by John Marnoch on Force X7
Excellent Results

I am 58 and have been feeling the effects of low t - no energy, feeling weaker and have gained weight. My sex drive what is used to be either.

I Have been taking Force X7 for 2 months and what a difference! I feel 20 years younger and my wife is wondering whats come over me - I am horny as hell and simply feel great!! Thanks Alpha Wolf!

HI John, Thats great news - It is a great all round product and I hope you results inspires others to give it a try - best wishes Paul

by Billy Norman on Force X7

Been taking Force X7 for 8 weeks - what can i say - My strength has really increased, my energy levels and muscle strength have improved more than i could have ever imagined! - A great product, have just re-ordered, thanks for bring this to my attention - Best Wishes Bill

HI Bill, thanks for your feedback - glad that we have been of help to you! enjoy your results - it is a great product!! Best wishes Paul

by Andy Scolfield on Force X7

Been taking Alpha Wolf Force X7 for 2 months and WOW what a product.. I have visibly grown in the arms, chest and legs, I feel stronger than I ever have, and am as randy as hell!! Without doubt, the best T booster I have ever used! Cheers Andy

Thanks Andy - Great news - Its fast becoming one of my favourite products too - Best Wishes Paul

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