Acacetin 99 Review

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Acacetin 99

Ace Muscling Building With Acacetin

It’s time to introduce a new player in the world of testosterone-boosting supplements: acacetin.

A natural flavone that is found in the damiana plant, acacetin is thought to have powerful anti-estrogen effects, as well as working as an anti-aromatase. Whatimage_prodprod1700042_largeImage_X_450_white does this mean? Well, blocking of the aromatase enzyme helps prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen, helping to maintain testosterone levels.

Some experts believe that Acacetin is perfect for anybody on PCT ( post cycle therapy)

Created by SD pharmaceuticals, this product claims to keep things simple ingredients-wise, and can therefore be easily stacked with other supplements for maximum muscle building power. Let’s see if it does the trick…

What’s in Acacetin 99’s Formula?

It’s not difficult to find out what’s in this supplement – each capsule contains 50g of acacetin.

Directions for Use

Things are pretty simple here – just take one capsule once or twice each day.

User Feedback 

ACACETIN_99_by_SD_Pharmaceuticals_at_Bodybuilding_com_-_Best_Prices_on_ACACETIN_99_There aren’t a huge amount of reviews out there on this product, but we’re picking up a pretty positive vibe from those that do exist.

The Good – There are a good amount of happy users here – numerous user testimonials cite improved feelings of strength, ability to do more in the gym and overall feelings of wellbeing when using this product. People have been able to hit much better pumps in the gym, so it’s pretty unsurprising that many people also mention experiencing an increase in muscle mass when using this product.

Other positive points people mention are that this product assists with water retention, and that, as promised by the manufacturer, Acacetin 99 stacks well with other products.

The Bad – Some people, however, claim that if you’re looking for instant results then this product doesn’t deliver, and others remain unconvinced about how effective this product is.

It’s also worth mentioning that some people have developed high blood pressure when using this product….

Where To Buy Acacetin 99

From what we can see, this product used to be available from a handful of UK retailers like and, but is now no longer available.

It looks like the principal stockist is, where Acacetin 99 costs $35.00 for 40 capsules – we are not sure if the US store will ship to UK – they probably will but there will be an international shipping charge and possible customise fees.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

We can’t see any indication anywhere that the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee on this product.

Our Thoughts

Acetetin looks on paper that it could possibly help anybody regain their natural hormone balance after finishing a course of steroids…. but we have been unable to discover any solid, concrete scientific evidence regarding its ability, its effects or in fact its safety….

It will not work as a testosterone booster per se.. but if you are one of those guys that uses steroids and need something to get your body back in check after a course, then it could be worth checking out…

Failing that we do suggest that you look elsewhere….

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