5 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

5 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

How To Boost Your Testosterone In 5 Surprising Steps

If you want to boost your muscle mass and strength as well as reduce any unwanted body fat, you need to make sure that your testosterone levels are at their peak..This crucial hormone is responsible for not just your health, strength and overall fitness, it also controls your libido and sexual performance

We all know that training hard in the gym and eating a good diet alongside quality sleep are all crucial, but there are other not so commonly known ways that you can help boost the king of all male hormones…

(1) Play Or Watch Sport

Exercising or taking part in sport is a great way to keep fit and boost testosterone levels, but did you know that watching your favourite team can (although it might be painful to watch) actually boost your testosterone levels by up to 20%… this is actually called Vicarious Hormone Change and studies have proved that it’s a very real result of watching your favourite team…. naturally results are better if they win, so try and support a winning team

(2) Get Out In The Sun

Exposure to the sun boosts Vitamin D levels in the body… studies have proven that without any doubt, this essential vitamin is crucial to raising testosterone levels – That is why the best testosterone boosting supplements have good doses of Vit D in their formula.… Not only that, a tanned physique looks better too

(3) Keep Away From Some Plastics

Studies have shown that many of today plastics contain a chemical called BPA (Bisphenol A) this has been show to be an Endocrine Disruptor – in layman terms, it mimics the effects of the female hormone Estrogen – something that is really detrimental to your testosterone production.

Studies have shown that exposure to BPA can also reduce the size of your testicles as well as the leydig cells – the source of your testosterone production… Our advice – don’t store your food or drink in plastic containers containing BPA

(4) Make Sure You get Enough Sleep

Its crucial if you want to maximise your testosterone production that you get good quality, undisturbed sleep… There are a large number of studies that have proven without any doubt that the better the sleep, the higher your testosterone levels will be.. These results showed that those who had a good 8 hours sleep were likely to have up to 60% more testosterone that those who just aged 4 hours

(5) Be Dominant

Harvard University in the US completed a study that showed that those men who adopted a positive, open and relaxed posture had up to 20% more testosterone than those who were more guarded and closed down.. it also showed that men with more confidence generally had lower levels of the stress hormone Cortisol – another enemy of testosterone production…. Now its not natural for all of us to be that “Alpha Male” but there are a few methods that you can adopt to project yourself… something that will be good for your confidence and outwards appearance…:

  • Make sure you always make eye contact – it’s a powerful way to communicate and appear dominant
  • Stand up as tall as you can, pull shoulders back and take a wide stance with your feet wider apart than your shoulders,
  • Walk with purpose – taking long,balanced strides will make you appear powerful and confident


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