4Gauge Pre Workout Review – Does It Work?

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4 Gauge Pre Workout

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  • All Natural Formula
  • Great Taste, Mixes Well
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Improves Workouts And Results
  • Low Calorie
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Suitable For Men and Women
  • Cash Back Guarantee


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4Gauge Pre Workout Review-Does It Work?

 Could This Be The Best Pre-workout Supplement Ever?

If you ever take a look on line at bodybuilding supplements, the section with the largest number of products is without any doubt the pre-workout section.

There are hundreds if not thousands of pills, powders, and drinks that all promise to boost your energy reserves, maximising gains and results from your workouts.. 4 gauge preworkout

4Gauge is slightly different – yes it boosts energy and your results but it also tackles another key area when it comes to ensuring that you workout to your best ability – Focus..

Its scientifically developed, cleverly formulated mix of ingredients will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved Energy And Endurance
  • Increased Pumps, and Maximum Gains
  • Sharper Focus – Concentrate On Your Workouts Without Distractions
  • No Shakes, Jitters Or Energy Crashes

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The Formula In 4 Gauge

We were impressed with the manufacturers decision to fully disclose the complete formula.. this sets them apart from the majority of companies who hide their full formula behind those dreaded undisclosed proprietary blends or ‘complexes’

Each serving of 4gauge contains

  • Potassium 10mg
  • Sodium 20mg
  • Calcium 30mg
  • L-Citrulline DI-Malate 6000mg
  • Creatine Monohydrate 1000mg
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg
  • Red Beet ( Beta Vulgaris) 300mg
  • Coconut Water Powder 300mg
  • L-Theanine 200mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 150mg
  • Rhodioloa Rosea 100mg

Each serving contains just 5 calories and provides 4g of total carbohydrate… There are no artificial sweeteners

How To Take 4 Gauge

The std dose is 2 scoops mixed in water 15-30 minutes before working out…. more hardened bodybuilders can double up and take 2 doses at once, but its always best to start with 2 scoops and see how it works for you.

To maintain effectiveness its recommended to take a weeks break every 6-8 weeks to let your body rest..

Our Feedback

We were really excited to be one of the first to sample 4 Gauge and its workout boosting effects.

Its fruit flavour(Fruit Burst) is really pleasant, it’s not too sweet ( there are no artificial sweeteners in the mix – another big plus point)..

It mixes really well with none of those unpleasant clumps of powder that you can get with some products even after shaking for ever.

The energy boost is different to many other products… it does not come as a massive hit all at once, for us it seemed to come on rather steadily and progressively, it built as we worked out and we both felt that we were able to go on for much longer – normally I personally have had enough after about 45-50 minutes of solid lifting, but I managed to last another 30 minutes before calling it a day…My veins were really up and I looked seriously pumped…. Rob was the same although he managed to last even longer than me…

What I liked about 4 Gauge was that you didn’t seem to experience the shakes, jitters and that sudden crash that you can get with some pre workouts.

I have always hated that…I have no problem with stimulants generally, but there are some products out there that just packed with Caffeine, Guarana, and even dodgy stuff like Yohimbe.

These are likely to give anybody the shakes and jitters.

Other feedback is still a little hard to find – this is because 4 Gauge is still so new..

I did speak to some of the guys who were involved in the development and testing of this product and they all reported similar results to those that I had experienced…

4 Gauge works and works really well – thats the general view

heres a few sample reviews courtesy of 4gauge.com

Other Feedback

We have started receiving some independent input from other users of 4gauge.. heres a personal review emailed in by one of our regular readers – Joseph

 “I never had tried preworkout product before and I probably will never look for another one. 4gauge is simply the best. I wake up at 4am every morning to do physical exercice. Motivation and energy levels were usually quite low at that time of the day therefore the workouts proved to be a little difficult. One day, I received an email from Instant Knockout team saying they had just brought out an amazing preworkout supplement. Having a very good experience with the IKO product, I decided I might give it a try. So I got 3 boxes of 4Gauge and I tried it as soon as I got them in the post. The result was simply crazy. After 15-25 mins of drinking 4gauge with some water, you feel extra energy building up slowly within you. During the workout, it helps you focus only on what you are doing. The energy levels keep up during quite a while and is a great help to complete the workout session. I have to say the extra energy doesnt come in one big shot. It builds up gradually and I think this is much better because it releases all along the time you workout. So I definitely recommend 4gauge. Its probably one of the best products there is out there. You should defo give it a try. I guess you will be amazed just as I was.”

Any Reported Side Effects

Unlike many pre workout products, there are no reports of any adverse reactions, the shakes, jitters or that annoying energy crash that accompanies so many similar products.

Where To Buy 4 Gauge In The UK

You can buy 4 Gauge direct from the official website – www.4gauge.com

A bottle (1 round) contain 20 servings will cost you £30.00, there are some large packages that offer better value..

We suggest the 3 round pack ( called the Ultimate Ammo Crate) you get 3 bottles for £75.00 (thats the equivalent of getting the 3rd round for half price)… you also get Free shipping

Our Thoughts

With so many pre workouts promising everything, and in truth delivering very little.

It’s refreshing to find a product that really delivers. The fact that the makers of 4Gauge don’t rely purely on stimulants to deliver that boost of energy is another plus point.

What you have here is a well though out, cleverly formulated product that not only boosts energy, sharpens the mind and maximises your workouts, its one that you can take without any fear of nasty side effects so often linked to stimulant rich pre workout products.

Lock And Load Your Muscles!!

In our view the BEST pre workout supplement out there… You gotta try it!

To Sum Up

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