What Is Testosterone

Why Is Testosterone Important

Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone, it is produced by the leydig cells found in the testes of men and animals.

It is also found in women to a lesser degree, being produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. The small amount of testosterone in women does not masculinize them, it is crucial for promoting sex drive and balancing moods in both sexes.

the influence of testosterone


Testosterone is an androgen, it is crucial for sex drive and moods in both sexes, but has most effect in men, where it controls masculine features including male hair growth, beard, chest, groin and armpits, it also gives the man his deeper voice and controls fat distribution.

Testosterone is also responsible for the development and function of the sexual organs, and effective semen production.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone, which means that it promotes strong muscle growth and bulk.

This is one reason why treatments involving actual testosterone are controlled and are not easily or legally available in many countries

Testosterone has what is called ‘systemic anabolic affects’, it controls and regulates our fluid balance, helping to retain crucial electrolytes such as potassium, choride and sodium.

It’s influence also spreads to the retention of calcium and helps guard against conditions like osteoporosis, it also boosts skin, making it less fatty and more vascular.

Age has a direct effect on Testosterone production. During puberty the levels are at their peak, aiding the development of the sexual organs and muscle mass. As we get that little bit older, the levels will deplete gradually which can cause loss of sex drive, reduced muscle mass and even reduced sleep quality.

Bodybuilders and athletes use t-boosters that boost the production of their own testosterone. The resulting effect when taken in conjunction with regular workouts or exercise is a profound increase in energy, sex drive and a dramatic growth in muscle mass.

You don’t have to be a body builder or athlete to enjoy the benefits of increased testosterone levels, by taking a good testosterone booster, you can benefit from

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep and Moods
  • Improved Muscle Mass and Tone
  • A Boost to Your Sex Drive

Our Testosterone Booster Reviews 

We have independently reviewed many of the popular t-boosters available today.

We hope that you find our reviews and our recommendations helpful, click the relevant link below to discover our thoughts and findings.

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CBD Muscle Review

Using CBD Oil When Bodybuilding

cbd oil muscle building

When you go the gym intent on building larger, stronger muscles, the actual workouts that you perform are only part of the process. 

To succeed the entire thing needs a lot of commitment, not only do you have to work out hard in the gym, you need to have the right diet, get sufficient rest and of course use the right supplements.

Pre and post workout drinks and bars, protein shakes, every boosters, fat burners and testosterone boosters are the most commonplace.

A product that has been in the media recently, and not for all the right reasons is CBD OIL – a derivative taken from the cannabis plant.

100% legal in certain forms, It has a number of health benefits, and not only that, it has shown itself to be a fantastic tool for the keen bodybuilder too.

This article looks at CBD oil and highlights the benefits that this highly controversial ingredient can bring.

I also provide details of the latest CBD product to hit the UK marketplace.

What Is CBD Oil

CBD (aka cannabidiol) is one of over 100 cannabinods present in the Marijuana or Cannabis plant. 

It is a completely different form to the compound commonly used to provide the feelings of euphoria and  psychoactvity experienced by those who smoke ‘weed’ – this form is called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

CBD is a non psychoactive cannabinoid that has been proven to provide some relief and treatment for certain illnesses and conditions. This can include epilepsy, arthritis and some forms of cancer.

So How Can CBD Oil Help Bodybuilders

cbd oil benefits

CBD Oil offers bodybuilders several benefits

It can :

Reduce The Efects Of Stress

CBD Oil is proven to help reduce the effects of the stress hormone Cortisol, this can bring on feeling so anxiety and stress, it also has a testosterone killing effect, reducing the release of your most crucial male hormone. This can lead to a reduction in muscle mass and reduce both focus and performance in the gym.

Improve Moods And Mental Performance

CBD has a motivating effect, helping to energise and boost your mindset, helping you to concentrate and power through even the most gruelling workouts.

Reduces Muscle Pain And Joint Inflammation

Just as exercising is crucial to the building of larger muscles, so is getting the correct rest and recovery periods, allowing your muscles to repair and recover is probably the most important, yet often ignored part of bodybuilding.

Sore, aching muscles and stiff joints are a by-product of bodybuilding, the key is getting your muscles to rest and recuperate quickly, allowing you to get back into the gym quickly.

Its common practice for fish oil to be used to help reduce muscle and joint inflammation, but science has shown that CBD oil is far more effective. 

One study demonstrated that CBD oil was 50% more effective at reducing joint inflammation. 

It has a pain relieving effect too, soothing muscle pain, allowing to you get back into the gym and working out again quicker than ever.

CBD Oil Can Also:

Improve sleep quality, it helps your body to relax, and rest, this is where the muscles can really heal, rejuvenate and ultimately grow.

It can also boost energy levels, it does this by controlling blood sugar levels, this controls the volume of insulin being produced. 

When insulin product is lowered, the body turns to glucose and burns that for additional energy. It does this instead of allowing it to be stored as energy reserves (which usually turns in to body fat)

The additional energy provides helps you to power through workouts far easier helping you to achieve more and see better results.

All In All, CBD oil could be the bodybuilders secret weapon in their muscle building journey.

Our Recommended CGD Oil For Bodybuilders.

CBD Muscle Review

CBD Muscle Reviews

One of the best products out there that has been specially formulated for bodybuilders and athletes is CBD Muscle.

An innovative range of 4 UK made products that work to help soothe and speed muscle recovery, reducing inflammation and joint pain, allowing you to recover quicker and workout more effectively for longer.

100% legal – its taken from the industrial hemp plant Cannabis Sativa – a plant commonly used in the production of certain textiles and some foodstuffs.

It has no psychoactive compounds, and had some well documented health benefits.

Currently only available in the UK, it is planned to become available worldwide in the very near future.

Lets Look at the product range in greater depth:

CBD Muscle 6% CBD Recovery Oil

cbd muscle 6%

The entry level product, contains 6% concentrated CBD oil delivering 3mg per drop.

It helps to target aching, sore muscles and calms inflammation around the joints. Muscle repair and recovery is much faster which allows you to get back into the gym quicker, speeding your results.

it contains 

  • Olive Oil
  • Hemp Oil
  • THC<0.03%

Its easy to use, start off with one-two drops under your tongue twice a day ( morning and evening) On workout days take one of the doses immediately after working out to maximise its effects.

how to use cbd muscle oil

Once you have assess its effects on your body, you can increase the daily does up to 4 drops per dose.

You can buy direct from the official website, a bottle containing a months supply will cost you £39.99. 

If you buy 2 or more you can save £15.00 ( see website for discount code).

CBD Muscle Extra Strength 12% CBD Recovery Oil

cbd muscle 12% recovery oil

A stronger version of the 6% recovery oil, this one contains 12% CBD, delivering more powerful results with a powerful blend of phytocannabinoids and olive oil and containing less than 0.03% THC

Its use is exactly the same – starting with placing one-two drops under the tongue morning and night, on workout days, take one dose straight after workout.

If you are fine taking 1 drop, you can increase up to 4 drops per serving.

hoe to use cbd muscle 12% oil

Cost wise, the 12% oil costs from £69.99 – as with the 6% oil you can save £15 by buying 2 or more bottles.

Click Here To Order 12% CBD Recovery Oil

CBD Muscle CBD Recovery Balm

cbd muscle recovery balm

A cooling and comforting balm that is applied to the muscles, and joints to reduce pain and swelling cased by strenuous exercise.

Mixed with a blend of Coconut oil, Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil and Cocoa Butter, alongside terpenoids, essential oils and containing less that 0.03% TCH, its easy to use and fast acting.

Just apply in a gentle yet firm circular motion, massage into the effected area and allow to dry, the balm is non greasy and does not leave any oily residue on the skin.

cbd muscle recovery balm

It costs £39.99 for a tub contain 300ml, as with the other products in the range you can save £15 when you buy 2 tubs.

Click Here To Buy CBD Recovery Balm

CBD Muscle Full Strength 4% CBD Plus BCAA

cbd muscle cbd plus bcaa

The use and benefits of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are well documented,  and most bodybuilders love them. 

This powder based product is mixed with water to make a tasty fruit favoured drink that provides maximum relief from muscle pains, and joint pains.

whats in cbd and bcaa

It contains a key amino acids in L-Leucine, valine and isoleucine and couples it with Citric acid, Sucralose, and 4% Cannabidiol.

As with the other products it contains less than 0.03% THC.

Its simple to use, add one scoop to 8oz of water and mix well ( i use a shaker bottle for best results). It miss really well, does not clump, and has a nice fruity taste.

Take 2 servings per day for best results.

It costs £54.99 – again you can save £15 by buying 2 or more tubs.

cbd muscle CD and bcaa powder

Click Here To Buy 4% CBD Plus BCAA direct from the official website

Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back

The makers provide a full 60 day cash back guarantee on all orders, quite simply if you buy any of the CBD muscle products and after taking as directed do not see any benefits, simply return the empty containers for a full refund.

cbd muscle website

My Final Thoughts ON CBD Muscle

CBD has been in the news media for many different reasons. most negative concerns are surrounding many peoples misunderstanding of the product and its effects.

It is not the same extract that causes the psychoactive effects experienced by those who ‘do drugs’ its completely different and is 100% legal.

Its health benefits are well documented and its benefits to body builders and athletes are amazing. 

By easing the muscle pain, stiffness and joint inflammation caused by strenuous workouts it helps and allows users to return to the gym and get back to their workout regime quicker than normal. 

This allows them to safely get more done in the course of a week and with improved workouts comes increased gains i muscle size and strength.

Anybody who works out or is physically active can benefit from the muscle soothing effects of CBD Muscle – Its a great product and one that I recommend to all my readers.

Click Here To Go To Official CBD Muscle Website

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on our own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.