What Is Testosterone

Why Is Testosterone Important

Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone, it is produced by the leydig cells found in the testes of men and animals, it is also found in women to a lesser degree, being produced by the ovaries. The small amount of testosterone in women does not masculinize them, it is crucial for promoting sex drive and balancing moods in both sexes.

Testosterone is an androgen, it is crucial for sex drive and moods in both sexes, but has most effect in men, where it controls masculine features including male hair growth, beard, chest, groin and armpits, it also gives the man his deeper voice and controls fat distribution.

Testosterone is also responsible for the development and function of the sexual organs, and effective semen production.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone, which means that it promotes strong muscle growth and bulk.

This is one reason why treatments involving actual testosterone are controlled and are not easily or legally available in many countries

Testosterone has what is called ‘systemic anabolic affects’, it controls and regulates our fluid balance, helping to retain crucial electrolytes such as potassium, choride and sodium.

It’s influence also spreads to the retention of calcium and helps guard against conditions like osteoporosis, it also boosts skin, making it less fatty and more vascular.

Age has a direct effect on Testosterone production, during puberty the levels are at their peak, aiding the development of the sexual organs and muscle mass, as we get that little bit older, the levels will deplete gradually which can cause loss of sex drive, reduced muscle mass and even reduced sleep quality.

Bodybuilders and athletes use supplements that boost the production of their own testosterone, the resulting effect when taken in conjunction with regular workouts or exercise is a profound increase in energy, sex drive and a dramatic growth in muscle mass.

You don’t have to be a body builder or athlete to enjoy the benefits of increased testosterone levels, by taking a good testosterone booster, you can benefit from

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep and Moods
  • Improved Muscle Mass and Tone
  • A Boost to Your Sex Drive

We have reviewed many of the most popular testosterone boosters available today, we hope that you find our reviews and recommendations helpful.

Top Three Testosterone Boosters In UK


Freak Athletics Alpha 1.0 Review

Freak Athletics Alpha 1.0 Review

Supplement manufacturers Freak Athletics make a natural testosterone booster called Alpha 1.0.. This UK made T-booster promises its users that it will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased Stamina and Energy
  • Boosted Muscle Mass and Size
  • Improved Libido
  • Better Performance

Always on the look out for great products, we decided to have a good look and find out just what this product is about and what it can do….

The Formula in Alpha 1.0

The makers fully disclose the ingredient profile, which is great news.. not sure about you guys, but we hate those proprietary blends where you don’t really know whats in the mix, or at least how much of everything is in each serving… With Alpha 1.0 you know exactly what you are taking:

  • D-Aspartic Acid 1000mg
  • Fenugreek 125mg
  • Zinc 15mg
  • Magnesium 150mg
  • Vitamin B6 15mg
  • Vitamin D3 800iu

The capsules themselves are HMPC Veg capsules which means that they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and anybody with seafood, or nut allergies

How To Take Alpha 1.0

The suggested daily serving is 2 capsules twice daily .. Take with breakfast and evening meal..

Users Feedback

On amazon the feedback is actually rather mixed,… there are the usual obligatory ‘paid for’ reviews that are prepared by professional reviewers who are given products for free in return for their feedback, and testimonials from independent purchasers who we tend to take more notice of..

These reviews tell a rather mixed story, some users did (to be fair) find that they experienced some improvements in performance, muscle strength and recovery, others didn’t feel any effects whatsoever..

Overall, the feedback is that this should give some mild results to many users, but not to expect earth shattering gains….

Reported Side Effects?

There are no real reports of any serious problems, a few headaches here and there, but even these there is no proof that it was the product that caused them.

sample testimonials courtesy of amazon


Where To Buy Alpha 1.0

Amazon is a leading stockist, especially here in the UK… a bottle containing a months supply will currently cost you £15.99.. (it’s usually sold at £39.99)

Any Cash Back Guarantees

There is no mention of any cash back protection

Our Thoughts

There is without a doubt some good ingredients in the mix – in fact everything is clinically proven to boost testosterone… so it should (and we say should) provide some decent results for most users…

We have one problem with this product… it’s the amounts of 2 of the key ingredients ( D-Aspartic acid and Vitamin D3) in the mix…. when compared to our top rated product Testofuel, the amounts found in Alpha 1.0 are noticeably smaller… Take D-Aspartic acid – in Alpha 1.0 its supplied at 1000mg per serving.. not a ridiculously small amount by any standards, but its under half of what is in products like Testofuel (that contains 2300mg)… The same can be said for Vitamin D3.. at 800iu, its massively smaller than the 5000iu found in Testofuel

Because of this crucial difference, we do find it really hard to rate it as high as Testofuel and some of the other products found on our top T-boosters page… Its NOT a bad product, and we are sure that you should experience some mild results with this product…

That said its nowhere near as powerful, and therefore as effective as others and with that thought firmly in our head, we recommend that before you go over to Amazon and order Alpha 1.0, that you do visit and check out the products listed on our top T-boosters page

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