What Is Testosterone

Why Is Testosterone Important

Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone, it is produced by the leydig cells found in the testes of men and animals.

It is also found in women to a lesser degree, being produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. The small amount of testosterone in women does not masculinize them, it is crucial for promoting sex drive and balancing moods in both sexes.

Testosterone is an androgen, it is crucial for sex drive and moods in both sexes, but has most effect in men, where it controls masculine features including male hair growth, beard, chest, groin and armpits, it also gives the man his deeper voice and controls fat distribution.

Testosterone is also responsible for the development and function of the sexual organs, and effective semen production.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone, which means that it promotes strong muscle growth and bulk.

This is one reason why treatments involving actual testosterone are controlled and are not easily or legally available in many countries

Testosterone has what is called ‘systemic anabolic affects’, it controls and regulates our fluid balance, helping to retain crucial electrolytes such as potassium, choride and sodium.

It’s influence also spreads to the retention of calcium and helps guard against conditions like osteoporosis, it also boosts skin, making it less fatty and more vascular.

Age has a direct effect on Testosterone production. During puberty the levels are at their peak, aiding the development of the sexual organs and muscle mass. As we get that little bit older, the levels will deplete gradually which can cause loss of sex drive, reduced muscle mass and even reduced sleep quality.

Bodybuilders and athletes use t-boosters that boost the production of their own testosterone. The resulting effect when taken in conjunction with regular workouts or exercise is a profound increase in energy, sex drive and a dramatic growth in muscle mass.

You don’t have to be a body builder or athlete to enjoy the benefits of increased testosterone levels, by taking a good testosterone booster, you can benefit from

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep and Moods
  • Improved Muscle Mass and Tone
  • A Boost to Your Sex Drive


We have independently reviewed many of the popular t-boosters available today.

We hope that you find our reviews and our recommendations helpful.

Top Three Testosterone Boosters In UK


Performance Lab ® SPORT T-Booster Review

Performance Lab ® SPORT T-Booster Review

Multi Pathway Testosterone Support For Maximum Male Performance

World leaders in the development of sports and overall health supplements, UK based Performance Labs have produced an innovative Testosterone Booster called  Performance Lab ® SPORT T-Booster and in a relatively short period of time it has become one of the UK’s best selling products.

performance labs sport t-booster

With the ability to enhance and increase all aspects of testosterone production, it boosts vital hormone levels that are crucial for maintaining optimum masculine performance and well being. SPORT will reduce the negative compounds known to reduce testosterone.

Performance Lab ® SPORT T-Booster will help free testosterone to flow in the blood and in turn boost power and vitality.  Users will benefit from better male health.

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What’s In The Formula of Performance Lab ® SPORT T-Booster

Refreshingly, the manufacturers do fully disclose the details of each ingredient in the mix.  Every serving includes:

  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate 1000mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 150mg
  • Ashwagandha Extract 300mg
  • Luteolin 30mg

P-labs sport ingredient list

More information on the ingredients:

D-Aspartic acid Calcium Chelate is an advanced form of D-aspartic Acid, this is one of the best t-boosting ingredients we know of. 

d-aspartic acid t-booster

It has been proven to manage the synthesis and release of the key sex hormones of which Testosterone is the main .  It will:

  1. Stimulate the body’s production and release of luteinising hormone and the human growth hormone
  1. Encourages the hypothalamus to release GnRH (gonadatropin releasing hormone) which is a precursor for the release of both follicle stimulating hormone and luteinising hormone.
  2. The Follicle Stimulating and Luteinizing Hormones both stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone.


A study has shown that taking D-aspartic acid for 12 days resulted in an increase of testosterone production by 42%

Ashwagandha is a traditional ingredient used in ancient and Ayurvedic medicine, known for its ability to increase mental and physical performance. 

ashwagandha T booster

The active components in Ashwagandha are said to help enhance testosterone production by:

  1. Encourages the production of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in the pituitary gland
  2. Stimulating the brain to realise GnRH
  3. The increase of levels of LH in turn triggers the production of Testosterone in the testes


Mucuna Pruriens can help to decrease the effects of Prolactin, a protein that can be detrimental to testosterone.

mucuna prurient testosterone booster

Luteolin is a compound taken from Orange Extract.  This is said to help encourage more testosterone to stay in the blood stream by blocking the effects of aromatase enzyme that turns Testosterone into unwanted Estrogen.

luteolin estrogen blocker

This is very good news for men who are over the age of 30 who could be experiencing the effects of age related testosterone decline. (Increased estrogen in the blood stream can make the problem far worse – especially the onset of body fat).

How To Take Performance Lab ® SPORT T-booster

The recommended serving is 2 capsules per day.

The makers do tell us that you can increase to a maximum of 4 capsules per 24 hours for increased effect.

Consumer Feedback

As with any product that is new on the market, we currently find very few reviews out there. 

We did however speak to some of the guys involved in the development and testing/trials of the product and have to say they were all singing the praises of the this supplement. 

They all reported some improvement in their muscle tone, strength, energy levels and they said they enjoyed a noticeable boost in their sex drive and performance.

Does Performance Lab ® SPORT T-Booster Cause Any Side Effects?

There have been no reports of adverse effects to date

Where To Buy Performance Lab ® SPORT T-Booster

Performance labs SPORT T booster benefits

Buyers worldwide can purchase Performance Lab ® SPORT T-booster directly from the manufacturers official website (performancelab.com)

One months supply will cost you £40.00.

You can save money by buying 2 bottles for £76.00 or 3 bottles for £108.00.

There are some various shipping options, simply choose which one suits your needs and destination country/address.

Does Performance Lab ® SPORT T-booster Have a Cash Back Guarantee

The makers do offer a 30 day cash back guarantee on all products.

If you buy and try and fail to see any benefits after using the supplement as directed for 30 days, you can return any used and unused bottles for a full refund.

Our Verdict

performance lab Sport t-booster review

Performance Labs have acquired a reputation for first class effective supplements, this one is no exception. 

Performance Lab ® SPORT T-booster does (as far we can see) exactly what it says on the bottle.  It has been proven to enhance, increase and boost men’s muscle mass, strength, sex drive and help you benefit from an overall healthier lifestyle.

We give this one a huge thumbs up…

Highly Recommended!!

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