What Is Testosterone

Why Is Testosterone Important

Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone, it is produced by the leydig cells found in the testes of men and animals, it is also found in women to a lesser degree, being produced by the ovaries. The small amount of testosterone in women does not masculinize them, it is crucial for promoting screen-shot-2012-12-27-at-9-09-49-pmsex drive and balancing moods in both sexes.

Testosterone is an androgen, it is crucial for sex drive and moods in both sexes, but has most effect in men, where it controls masculine features including male hair growth, beard, chest, groin and armpits, it also gives the man his deeper voice and controls fat distribution.

Testosterone is also responsible for the development and function of the sexual organs, and effective semen production.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone, which means that it promotes strong muscle growth and bulk.

This is one reason why treatments involving actual testosterone are controlled and are not easily or legally available in many countries

Testosterone has what is called ‘systemic anabolic affects’, it controls and regulates our fluid balance, helping to retain crucial electrolytes such as potassium, choride and sodium.

It’s influence also spreads to the retention of calcium and helps guard against conditions like osteoporosis, it also boosts skin, making it less fatty and more vascular.

testosterone-deficiencyAge has a direct effect on Testosterone production, during puberty the levels are at their peak, aiding the development of the sexual organs and muscle mass, as we get that little bit older, the levels will deplete gradually which can cause loss of sex drive, reduced muscle mass and even reduced sleep quality.

Bodybuilders and athletes use supplements that boost the production of their own testosterone, the resulting effect when taken in conjunction with regular workouts or exercise is a profound increase in energy, sex drive and a dramatic growth in muscle mass.

You don’t have to be a body builder or athlete to enjoy the benefits of increased testosterone levels, by taking a good testosterone booster, you can benefit from

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep and Moods
  • Improved Muscle Mass and Tone
  • A Boost to Your Sex Drive

We have reviewed many of the most popular testosterone boosters available today, we hope that you find our reviews and recommendations helpful.

Top Three Testo Boosters In UK


NiacinMax Review UK

NiacinMax Review UK

Boost Oxygen Circulation By Up To 50% – Achieve Your Peak Physical Performance

If someone told you that you could improve your physical performance dramatically, by getting up to 50% more oxygen into your blood stream without taking any pills what would you say??

When we heard about this, our ears pricked up instantly, as we all know that box-homethe more oxygen that is carried around your body, the better the red blood count, the more efficiently your muscles and brain perform improving stamina, focus, concentration and sheer performance….

We have discovered a fantastic new product Called NiacinMax that is not a pill or a powder, it is a melt on your tongue thin film that delivers 75mg of pure niacin directly into your blood stream…this method of delivery is known to be the most effective way of delivering nutrients to the body, (called transdermal delivery) when you take a pill, its well documented that at least 75% of the effective ingredients can be destroyed by the digestive system. with this sort of delivery, virtually the full amount of the nutrients in the film are passed directly into the bloodstream where they can get to work quickly and more effectively..

Niacin Max is the first product of its type, it is the results of several years research by its makers, allowing you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased red blood cell production, maximising oxygen delivery to your muscles, reducing fatigue and boosting energy levels
  • Improved levels of HGH production (over 600%) – boosting fat burning, recovery and muscle growth
  • Boosted oxygen flow to the brain, increasing focus and concentration, giving you that mental edge over your competitors


The Formula In NiacinMax

The product is supplied in thin dissolvable strips that are placed on the tongue..

They dissolve in a matter of seconds, delivering 75mg of pure niacin (vitamin B3) directly into your blood stream

How To Take NiacinMax

Place one NiacinMax strip on your tongue first thing in the morning preferably before breakfast… (you should wait 10 minutes before eating) the makers recommend taking between 3 and 5 hours before you work out to get the best results from the oxygen boosting effects….

If you work out every day ( or at least 5 times a week) you can enhance the effects by taking a second strip early evening ( 3-4 hours before bedtime)

Users Feedback

Reviews from independent users are quite thin on the ground at the moment, but those that we can find are very positive… users report some great improvements in energy levels and of course results from their workouts…. As we uncover more feedback, we will post details here


Any Side Effects?

There are no adverse side effects caused by using NiacinMax.. there is however a harmless effect known as the Niacin Flush which can effect some users but wears off after about 10 minutes….

About 4-6 minutes after you take your Niacinmax strip, you could feel a bit tingly around the chest, arms and neck..you could also go slightly red ( flushing) and possibly slightly itchy – the feeling is very similar to very mild sunburn.. this is the effect of the increased blood flow around your body – proof that the product is actually working… Its 100% normal, 100% harmless and usually disappears within 10 minutes…

As your body adapts to the product, this effect will generally become milder every time you use it

Where To Buy NiacinMax

The official website is the best place to buy this supplement ( niacinmax.com)

A box contains 30 strips will cost you £29.99 ($39.99) and there are some larger packages available at discounted prices…

Our Vote For Best Buy is the 2 box package – Buy 2 boxes and get a 3rd free.. this will cost you £59.98 ($79.98)

Any Cash Back Guarantees?67day-guarantee

Yes the makers believe in their product so much that they offer a 67 day cash back guarantee on all orders.. quite simply if you buy and try NiacinMax and it doesn’t work for you, then you can return your purchase for a full refund within 67 days

Our Thoughts

It’s refreshing to discover something different (and NiacinMax is certainly that)..

The benefits of Niacin (Vitamin B3) supplementation are well documented… There are many, many studies that confirm the ability of Niacin to improve circulation, blood flow and ultimately energy and performance..

In Short… NiacinMax is a simple and effective pill-free way of getting that much needed energy boost which will ultimately improve your workouts and help you build the larger, stronger muscles that you are working so hard for…

You Can Buy Your Supply Direct From NiacinMax.com